President Biden: We want to pay our fair share for global climate disruption

Our work has taught us that systems that harm the earth and systems that harm people are intertwined. The systems of extraction and greed that have benefited countries like the United States have exacerbated an unequal world, one where the countries who have benefited least face the most dire consequences of climate change.

This November, the United Nations is holding its annual international climate conference, COP28, in Dubai. Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light and the signers below are using this opportunity to push the U.S. to commit to recognizing our outsized responsibility for the harms of global climate disruption and taking action towards repair.

In particular, we call on President Biden administration to reduce our domestic carbon emissions, halt construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure, increase our commitment to support countries in the Global South in their goals to reduce emissions, and contribute to a global Loss and Damage fund.

See the letter and the more than 600 people who signed it below:


Dear President Biden,

As 2023 comes to a close and COP28 gets ready to begin, the world faces unprecedented climate disasters. These are not only headline-grabbing sudden onset events, like Hurricane Otis which went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in a single day, but the ongoing catastrophes of drought, flooding and heat that are causing hunger and harming people and communities every day all over the world. We urge your administration at COP28 to recognize the United States’ historical responsibility and commit to contributing its fair share of the global effort to counter climate change.

You frequently express a commitment to being a climate champion, but the actions of your administration have not matched the lofty rhetoric. For example, approving fossil fuel expansion like the Willow Project domestically, or when your Administration blocked crucial IPCC data from being included in the UNFCCC’s Global Stocktake Synthesis report to prepare Parties for COP28. This data showed that North America’s 4% of the global population is responsible for 24% of global emissions since 1850 while Southern Asia’s 25% of the global population is responsible for only 4% of the global emissions.

Being a climate leader means not just doing something, but doing our country's fair share of the global effort to keep global temperature limits of 1.5°C in reach. Because the US has contributed so much to the climate crisis historically, it is time for the country to step up to the plate, and hit a home run for climate ambition, finance, and support for other nations. That means the United States must do more than the mere 50% emission cuts by 2030 in your current Paris pledge. It is time to do our fair share.

Doing our fair share means:

  • Reducing domestic emissions by 70% from 2005 levels by 2030 (13.62 million metric tonnes)
  • No new fossil fuel infrastructure and a just transition plan for an equitable fossil fuel phase out globally
  • Increasing climate finance, technology cooperation and capacity building to support greater emission reductions and adaptation in developing countries
  • Recognizing our historical responsibility and contributing to a Loss and Damage Fund hosted under the UNFCCC.

This is the kind of leadership we are looking for and expect. The first Global Stocktake and COP28 is a critical moment for the world to accelerate action to respond to the climate crisis. Now is your opportunity, but you must act.

Throughout the history of the climate negotiations, the United States has always fought against acknowledging its historical responsibility. Now is the time for this to stop. President Biden, now is the time to recognize the oversized impact of the United States on the climate crisis, to hold ourselves accountable, and to do our fair share. You say everyone should pay their fair share of taxes and workers should get a fair share of profits; so be it with climate action. By not doing so, COP28 could be a bust.

We want true climate leadership. Will you deliver?


Mara Dolan, NY
Heather Cantino, OH
Valentina Dallona, MD
Mel Caraway, TX
Leah Wiste, MI
Geralyn Leannah, WI
Max Obuszewski, MD
Susan Meier, MD
Courtney Shea, TN
Hailey Campbell, HI
Julia Nerbonne, MN
Daya Sagar Shrestha, Nepal
Kenneth Nana Amoateng, Ghana
Daniel Jasper, DC
Anagha Komaragiri, NY
Dallas Rohraff, GA
Tom Athanasiou, CA
Ava Bertolotti, MA
Sunnie Liu, TX
Jodi Lasseter, NC
Karen Bearden, NC
Sarah Davis, NC
Margaret Muenzer, NC
Hasan Mehedi, Bangladesh
Don Nonini, NC
Natalie Lucas, OH
Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee, NY
Chris Hall, SC
Jen Chandler, AZ
Michael Malcom, AL
Molly Barth, Colorado
Ren Martin, NC
Carla Chamblee, NC
Sr. Joan Brown, osf, NM
Jamie Wefald, NY
Anthony Diaz, NJ
Katherine Egland, MS
Nikki Snider, OH
Tony Fuller, IL
Carolina Batista, NJ
Ettore Barbatelli lll, CO
Andres Cano, AZ
Shannon Fulton, IL
Jamie Cummings, NC
Kyle Crider, AL
Breanna Brito, NJ
Nicole Lucas, AZ
Timothy Judson, NY
David Holtz, MI
Erin Noble, MO
Ian Philabaum, AZ
Rita Harris, MS
David Ebertz, OH
Carrie Clayton, ID
Angie Flores, ME
Martha Penado, AZ
Georjelis Rujano, PA
Joe C, PA
Adam Parsons, London, UK
Taylor Conley, MO
Tamara Armstrong, AZ
Hannah Gaudet, NM
Aishwarya Devarajan, NJ
Brock Katz, ME
Frank Tuttle, NC
Matthew Warren, AZ
Mallory McElhaney, ME
Jerad Hughes, CO
Alexandra Löfgren, ME
Sarah Matthiesen, MN
Rachel Porter, IL
Rosina Snow, VA
Traci Rider, NC
Justin Lindemann, NC
Andrew Knott, MO
Eriqah Vincent, GA
Tiffanie Mackey, GA
Blythe Coleman-Mumford, GA
Natasha Dyer, GA
MacKenzie MacFarland, PA
Elwood Sturtevant, KN
Julie Baker, WI
Donald Hanrahan, IL
Veronica Butcher, NC
Kathy Flaccus, AZ
Therese MacKenzie, PA
Shontaé Cannon-buckley, NY
Abigail Van Dyke, NH
Brooke Schaab, VA
Paul Rypkema, CO
Edward Smith, MO
Sarah Smith, NM
Eve Schwartz, VA
Conner Waters, IL
James Serrano, GA
Andrew Swartwout, WA
Alan Peterson, PA
John W. Laury, VA
Peter Sargent, CO
Angela Wiley, PA
Samantha Kothari, MN
Gabriela Fernandez, CA
Lily Eckoff, CO
Emma Loizeaux, CO
Laura Saunders, CA
John Stewart, MA
Nancy Bernstein, PA
Mary Ann Cofrin, MA
Alan Saunders, CA
Andrew Seay, IL
Emily Yeh, CO
Cherise Udell, UT
Sue Saunders, CA
Jim Wilson, CA
Angela Harris, VA
Ella Udell, UT
Jo Doumbia, VA
Penny Hooper, NC
Maria Pinto, CA
Brett Cease, MN
Melinda Laituri, CO
Liane Schalatek, MD
Knellee Bisram, FL
Sumer Shaikh, NY
JL Andrepont, WA
Stephanie Terry, NC
Beka Economopoulos, WA
Kelsey Wingo, DC
Harrison Frisk, MN
Gary Smith, NC
Joseph Donoghue, NC
David Andes, NC
Carl Sigel, NC
Phyllis Blumberg, PA
Larry Moffett, FL
Carlie Sigel, NY
Anthony Torres, NY
Geri Freedman, MI
Sandra Kurtz, TN
Daniel Fernandez, TN
Wayne Thomas, TN
Kathleen Murphy, MS
William Evans, MS
Angela McClendon, MS
DeBorah Williams, MS
Frida Salgado, CA
John Ratcliff, LA
Theo Sutton, Jr, MS
Brad Parker, MS
Marla Stroup, MS
Aryt Alasti, MA
Muskaan Khemani, MA
Lauren Boritzke Smith, MN
Anne Mellinger-Birdsong, GA
Tanya Coventry-Strader, GA
Preeti Jaggi, GA
Dãnia Davy, GA
Lucia ibarra, NC
Jed Lee, CA
Janice Habermehl, MA
Sheila Tarbet, CA
Lori Dusenberry, VA
Carrie Anderson, WI
james silva, NC
Alicia Ravetto, NC
Jen Peterson, WI
Edward Witkin, NC
Amy King, TX
Makayla Freeman, MN
Rachel Bly, MN
Sherri Knuth, MN
Mary Peterson, MN
Rick McCormick, MN
Diana Dean, MN
Sherilyn Frisque, MN
Erin Breen, IL
Nura Zaki
Susannah Tuttle, NC
Kimberly Kokett, MN
Dana Neuhauser, MN
Tony Antonucci, NY
Christina Schlegel, MA
Tsitsi Patience Mashiri, Mashonaland East
Sydney Pitcher, CA
Daniel Lupton, MN
Susan Summit, MN
Ellen Kennedy, MN
Adam Wernick, MN
Renae Goldman, MN
Shelly Rohe, MN
Sandra Brick, MN
Don Fulton, MN
Janice Goldstein, MN
Kate Howard Kathan, MN
Robert Garfinkle, MN
Mark Kuehner, IL
Batya Spector, MN
Deborah Fineman, MN
Sofia Cerkvenik, MN
Jessica Griffith, MN
Joan Ostrove, MN
Janice Gintzler, IL
Laurie Mundo, IL
Catherine Pries, IL
aija bjorklund, IL
Craig Cox, MN
Mark Meeks,
Ann Mongoven, MN
Susan Schultz, MN
John Krenn, MN
Gary Olson, MN
David Sterling, MN
Amy Schneider, MN
Rev. George Favell, MN
Jennifer Baumgardner Barnes, MN
elizabeth hinz, MN
Donald Schuld, MN
Ollie Stocker, MN
Sheila Maybanks, MN
Johannah Frisby,
Jason Goward, MN
Lauren Davis, MN
Olaf Hall-Holt,
David Moseman, MN
Joanne Tenney, CA
James Herther, MN
Cheryl Olseth, MN
Reilly Miller, MN
Christine Peter, MN
Linda Wingader, MN
Jerry Dirks, MN
Bjorn Gustafson, MN
Alex Comb, MN
John Humphrey, MN
Paula Brust, MN
Ml Wilm, MN
Genevieve Radniecki, MN
Amy Brallier, MN
Erin Anderson, MN
Scott Lagaard, MN
Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, MN
Carol Phelps, CO
Richard Tucker, MI
Kris Robison, MN
Juli Cox
Amethyst O'Connell, MN
Sam Blackwell, MN
Amy Engebretson, MN
Karen Nielsen, MN
Jessica Intermill, MN
Elizabeth Smith, MO
Paul Englund, MN
Morgan Byrne, MN
Jane Martin, MN
Rev. Edwin Martin, MN
David Wee, MN
Sara Garnier, MN
Elizabeth Maupin, WA
John and Jean Fleming, MN
Juventino Meza, MN
Doug mensing, MN
Jill Hamze, FL
Peter Sergienko, OR
Terry McAnnany, MN
Elizabeth McLister, MN
Dawn Bloom, MN
Judy Solmonson, MN
David Copper, VA
Peter Digitale Anderson, ND
Mary Nelson, MA
Ivan Zenker, MN
Liz Loeb, MN
Jane Benjamin, MN
Jean Stolle, WA
Rebecca Shockley, MN
Chris Erickson, MN
David Faust, MN
Timothy Meegan, MN
Joshua Lewis, MN
Kimberly Poncek, MN
Gretchen Musicant, MN
Karla Sand, MN
Mary Sandstrom, MN
Jacqueline Prince, MN
Ethan Komoroski, MN
Patricia Torres Ray, MN
Julie Jacobs, MN
Diane Grier, MN
Sarah Paulos, MT
Karen Levad, MN
Phillip Romine, MN
Kathryn Lozada, MN
Terry Richmond, MN
Allen Gibas, MN
Susan Keller, MN
Dora Mae Burdick, MN
Barbara Patterson, MN
Jacqueline Colby, MN
Marcia Sullivan, MN
Loni Coppin,
John Latterell, MN
Kyle Anderson
Elizabeth Raasch-Gilman, MN
MaryAnn Cassidy, NY
Kathy Bradley, SC
Mary Claire Lawless, MN
Eddie Hines, MN
Judith Mackenzie, MN
Alice Madden, MN
H Ande, MN
Darla Baker, MN
Tom Brown, MN
Bruce O Brien, MN
Emily Wallace, MN
Donell Kerns, NC
Catherine Iliff, MN
Elizabeth Frost, MN
Marcia Gustafson, MN
Lauren Kofsky, MN
John McKenzie, MN
Elizabeth Dailey, MN
Deanne Roquet, MN
Esther Pardue, AR
Sam Benson, MN
Bonnie Beckel, MN
David Wheeler, MN
Nicole Grove, MN
Elizabeth Maxwell, NY
Harmon Abrahamson, MN
John Staudt, MN
Gail Loverud, MN
Donna Peterson, MN
Dorothy Hammer, MN
Allan Campbell, MN
Matt Rohn, MN
Jeffrey Klepfer, MN
Janet Court, MN
Robert Brown, WA
Jean Geissler, MN
Mel Case, MN
Nora Pfeiffer, VA
Camille Norman, KY
Yoga Prakasa, MN
Vernita and Dale Kennen, MN
Erik Rasmussen, NY
Sarah Paro, MN
jean ersfeld, MN
Ilze Mueller, MN
LInda Levering Snyder, MN
Jean Cleary, MN
Anne Englert, MN
Andrea Kuenning, MN
Mary Werner, WI
Margo Druschel, MN
Daniel Vogel, MN
ed kinane, NY
Dan Turner, MN
Sarah Thompson, MN
Louis Offstein, MN
Lucy McGuffey, CO
Donna Daniell, CO
Paul McHugh, MN
David Bowman, MN
Erika Thorne, MN
Caroline Wulf, IA
Gail Irish, MN
Richard Magnus, MN
John Wozniak, MN
Janet Neville, MN
Andy Willette, MN
Kari Rueckert, MN
Carolyn Hendrixson, MN
Adaline Shinkle, MN
Laura Perticara, MN
Joyce Prudden, MN
Cheryl Chatman, VA
Kristen Anderson, MN
Patricia Eliason, MN
Greg Chester, ME
Janet Petri, MN
Marshall Hansen, MN
Catherine Malotky, MN
Donald Leisen, PA
Annette Smith, MN
Jackie Bernacchi, MN
Keith Liuzzi, MN
candace barrick, MN
Mike Menzel, MN
Paula Holden, MN
Megan Allen, MN
Ricardo Levins morales, MN
Michael Wilson, MN
Donna Clark, MN
Kathryn Iverson, MN
Michelle Shaw, MN
Betty Edwards, MN
Anne Ness, MN
Lorraine Wenzler, CA
Nicholai Jost-Epp, MN
David Wilson, MN
Dave Crawford, MN
Catherine Dolan, MN
Mary Blanchard
Sara Wolff, MN
Julius Salinas, MN
Julius Salinas, MN
Paula Wick, MN
Cynthia Lillquist, MN
Shirley Durr, MN
Holly Buchanan, MN
Meg Kearns, MN
Rachel Henzen, WI
Stephen Houtz, MN
Nancy Dennis, MN
Bonnie Power, MN
Suzan Koch, MN
Erika Storvick, MN
Brett Ostby, MN
Lori DeRoo, MN
Kyla Sisson, MN
Lisa Rudolph, MN
Mary Breen, MN
John Karvel, MN
Kathryn Gilje, MN
Gwin Pratt
Kay Nelson, MN
Todd Pierson, MN
Ann McCartney, NM
Clara Sanders, IA
Heather Miller, LA
Andrea Heier, MN
Dr. Virginia Jones, MI
Amy Gage, MN
Erika Gilsdorf, MN
Fran Ludwig, MA
Thomas Griffin, MN
Sherry Pollack, HI
Charles Dayton, MN
Clara Sims, NM
Sister Kathleen Storms, MN
Irene Domingo, MN
Katie Fournier, MN
Brian Moe, MN
Ruth Darlington, NJ
Jan Warren, MI
Michael Blandford, MN
Debra Pritchard, CA
Mollie Greenough, CO
Karen Seay, MN
Rick Flowers, CA
Newland Smith, IL
Vernon Hill, MN
Robin Brown, OH
Ann Wolff, MN
Keith Miller, MN
Michael Munion, MN
Anne Walch, MN
Cassidy Meeks, MN
Tim Wulling, MN
Roger Day, MN
Margaret A Finlayson, CA
Michael Griffin, MN
David Hegdahl
Douglas Stark
Alison Altman, MA
Nancy Carpenter, MN
Becky Eberhart, MN
Elizabeth Andress, MN
Judith Thimke, MN
William Mcpherson, WA
Karen Barstad, MN
Joyce Bell, PA
Tyler Zabriskie, MN
Elena Machkasova, MN
Sandy Spieler, MN
Jeanne Landkamer, MN
Savannah Sisk, MN
Alice Meadow, MN
Denise Marlowe, MN
Mrs. Michele Mary and Dr. Gordon Dodge, MN
Shirley Rutherford, MN
Jerry Blume
Laurie Albright, OH
Leslie Tunstall, MN
Muriel Olson, MN
Emily Ray Moore, MN
Eric Miller, NY
Trisha Whinnery, MN
Alex Carroll
Catherine Jordan, MN
Linda Herron, MN
Tara Fahey, MN
Ginger Sisco, MN
Jane Thimke, MN
Meredith Cornett, MN
Nancy Metz, FL
Keval Kaur Khalsa, NC
Rebecca Roepke, MN
Michael Overend, MN
Carlene and Cameron Roberts, WI
Alana Howey, MN
Sr. Lorraine Loecher, MN
Roberta Miller, OH
Lisa fitzpatrick, MN
Patricia Tunstall, NJ
Erica Venberg, FL
Nancy Kipp, MN
Stan Jacobson, MN
Christine Baeumler, MN
Katherine Mohn, MN
Richard Fish, MN
Elisabeth Johnson, MN
Linnea Swenson Tellekson
Kathryn Myers, CA
Bob Morse, OR
Lavonne Mohn, IA
Todd Bartholomay, MN
Ann Galbraith Miller, MN
Judith Gregg, MN
Amy Grace, MN
Christine Popowski, MN
Olivia Olson, MN
Ann Schulman, MN
Janet Kampf, MN
Pola Rest, MN
Bill Schnell, MN
Madeline Lenius, MN
Siana Goodwin, MN
Gloria Peck, MN
Meleah Houseknecht, MN
Vern Simula, MN
Rebecca Cramer, MN
Linda Seime, MN
Jim Tenbensel, MN
Mary Adair, MN
James Lenfestey, MN
Edmund Kelley,
Ruhel Islam, MN
Velma Wagner, MN
Buff Grace, MN
Jean Greenwood, MN
Nfamara Dampha, MN
Sarah Goodspeed, MN
Claire Psarouthakis, MN
Terri Burnor, MN
Shayna Gleason, MA
Cathy Geist, MN
Lorelette Knowles, WA
Kenneth Deveney, OR
Lynn Shoemaker, WI
James Bradford III, MN
Betsy Ranum,
Ashley Ward, MN
Cheryl Mullin, MN
Michael Elliott, MN
Emilia Seay Allen, MN
Jane Dow, MN
Melinda Hooker, MN
Brad Snyder, MN
Brian Nerbonne, MN
Lisa Friedman, MN
Mary Vrabel, MN
Cheryl Brinkley, MN
Ben Connelly, MN
Jane Truhlar,
Rev Dwight Wagenius, MN
James Holm, MN
Vernon Rice, MN
Grant Thrall, MN
Theresa del Rosario, MN
Richard VandenDolder, MN
Rosemary Marusak, WI
Harriet McCleary, MN
Gene Donahue, WI
Shodo Spring, MN
Jl Angell, CA
Shelley Smith, MN
Diane Dube, AL
Melanie McCully, MN
Kyoko Katayama, MN
Jean Ballard, IN
Ruth Carp, MN
Douglas Olson, MN
Celina McManus, MN
Kathleen Dunn, MN
Noy Koumalasy, MN
Ann Howard, IN
Dean Borgeson, MN
Debbie Blue, MN
Diana Cumming, MN
Mary Lee Hillenbrand, IN
Gregory Dana, MN
Erik Roth, MN
Maria Golner, MN
Bernadette Welter, MN
Stan Sattinger, MN
Kate Wolfe-Jenson, MN
Ro bert Kriesel, MN
Zoë Bird, MN
Dwayne and Stenlund, MN
Susan Delattre,
Randee LaSalle, CA
Janice Hallman, FL
Carolyn Shafer, NJ
John Crosson, KY
Bret Pence, MN