Let’s face it — 2020 was a difficult year. The pandemic has shed light on the many ways we are interconnected, but it has also exacerbated our political, economic, and racial divides.

Throughout last year, we talked to people like you who are working to organize their faith communities for climate justice action. Some have been moving ahead with exciting and ambitious plans. For others, the challenge of shifting to online services and programming has taken most of their congregational energy and resources. If this has been your experience, know you are not alone.

As 2021 begins, our communities of faith and spiritual practice need to move into their power and lead the way on climate solutions. The first few months of a new president’s term are critical and present an important time to advocate for climate justice. Recently, the United Nations challenged world leaders "to make 2021 the year that humanity ends its 'war on nature' and commit to a future free of planet-warming carbon pollution."

That’s why MNIPL is excited to share three virtual Connect & Act events to help energize your community and bring new people into climate action. Whether your congregation has been active during Covid-19 or needs a chance to restart or reconnect, everyone is invited to participate!

Forward on Federal Climate Action with Rep. Omar

April 25 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CDT
Facebook Live – MNIPL

Connect & Act Events

WHAT:  Engaging, 60-90 minute virtual community gatherings to build connections and act on climate in 2021. Choose one or more of the following Connect & Act Events (see more details below):

  • Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline
  • Virtual meeting with your Congressperson
  • Taking climate action from home with your family

WHO:  Communities of faith or spiritual practice

WHEN: Events will be held from January through April, 2021. (It's Minnesota; April is still winter!)

WHERE: On Zoom (an online video and audio meeting tool). Congregations can use their own Zoom account, or MNIPL can host the Zoom event.

YOUR ROLE:  Invite and encourage members of your congregation or community to attend! MNIPL will provide a toolkit with tips and resources, including promotional material you can use in emails/bulletins, during worship or when you assemble, etc.

Event Options

Line 3 Conversation

Learn more about the Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline, why MNIPL is opposed to the construction of this pipeline, and what your congregation can do to stop Line 3 and advocate for a clean energy future. Reflect on the intersection of climate change with justice issues, and how the beliefs, practices, and teachings of your faith or spiritual tradition inform your response.

Even though Line 3 is already under construction, it's vital that we continue (or start) our conversations. The controversy around the pipeline illustrates many of the challenges we face as we work for a just transition to a renewable energy economy.

This event is 90 minutes and will be facilitated by MNIPL staff or Line 3 volunteer team members.

If you are concerned this topic may be too controversial for your congregation: In this time of deep division within our country, it is more important than ever for faith communities to come together for respectful conversations around important and complex issues. Depending on your congregation, a broader, more general climate conversation might be a good choice, and your facilitator can help you make this decision.

Forward on Federal Climate Action
Take Action on Climate Justice from Home

Ready to find out more?

Fill out our Connect & Act Interest Form. Whether you choose one, two, or all three events, we at MNIPL are excited to partner with you to make them successful!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my congregation is a Climate Justice Congregation?

One or more of these events could be a great addition to your 2021 Climate Justice Congregation action plan! We will be getting in touch with all of our Climate Justice Congregations to find out how 2020 went for you and to help you in planning for 2021.

What if I’m not part of a congregation or faith community?

We encourage you to engage whatever community you’re part of in these events.

The "Forward on Federal Climate Action" event is for faith and spiritual communities to share their 1-2 minute climate story with their Congressperson, but even if you aren't part of a congregation, we hope you join your Congressional meeting! The more attendees, the more powerful our message will be.