If you're interested in organizing in your congregation for climate justice, this page is for you! We offer opportunities for leadership development in our Movement Builder Program and Community Connector roles, as well as many trainings and programs for individuals interested in developing their leadership skills.

Take a look at our leadership development options below by clicking on the titles, and email [email protected] with any questions.

Movement Builder Program

Movement Builders are key volunteer leaders, who are assigned a small group of Community Connectors, each representing a unique faith community. Movement Builders work in either circles, which are made up of faith denominations or religions (for example: Baha'i, Presbyterian, etc), or networks, which are determined by location (Mankato, Rochester, etc). Learn more!

Community Connector

Community Connectors serve as a liaison between MNIPL and their congregation in order to support and inspire climate action in their community. They are assigned a Movement Builder for support, feedback, and coaching as they take action in their own faith community. Learn more!

Climate Justice Congregation Certificate Program

This year-long certification process will help you and your faith community gain the focus, resources and support that can help galvanize your community into committed climate action. Join a growing number of faith communities doing the same, joining together across many faiths to raise a collective voice and drive faithful action on climate justice. Learn more!

Be the Spark 

Convening leaders in faith communities for training and inspiration. Work with us to design a custom program for your faith community or denomination, or participate in a workshop series to build community and skills for leading in your faith community. Learn more!

MNIPL Workshops

Host an MNIPL workshop or presentation in your faith community! We offer a wide variety of events that can help train and nurture climate justice work in faith communities. Learn more!

Youth Programs

Learn more about Youth n' Power and All in the Circle youth camps here!