All in the Circle: The Film

All in the Circle Documentary invites you to follow the story of 12-year-old Isaiah Bischoff as he attends summer camp and is asked to make a film about it. He finds himself immersed in a world of creative play, nature adventures, and fun. Ultimately, Isaiah learns about the deeper motivations behind the wonder and connection he experiences at All in the Circle Creative Arts & Nature Camp.

All in the Circle: The Film To Be Featured in Twin

The All in the Circle Documentary was shot and directed in June of 2015 by young filmmaker and director Isaiah Bischoff. In connection with the film, the Youth Leadership Team has built leadership capacity, cultivated their sense of stewardship, connection the earth and community, and enabled that connection in others.

The film documents how this unique and innovative summer camp combines story, song, and metaphor to teach the children their interconnectedness with the natural world and the need to protect it. 600 people attended the premiere of the All in the Circle Documentary at the Riverview Theatre.

This fall, All in the Circle will make its film festival debut as an official selection of the Twin Cities Film Festival! 

Tickets are free and can be picked up at the West End Icon Theater during Theater hours, first come, first served. More info here:


Show the Documentary in Your Community

Want to spread this transformative model? Host a documentary screening in your community.

Bring MNIPL to host a screening of the All in the Circle: The Film! We will watch the 30-minute film together and facilitate a conversation about how this approach can be used with young people in your community as well as ways for your community to engage with All in the Circle future camps! We can host a screening in 60-90 minutes (90 minutes being ideal).

Register your interest here and we will be in touch with you to set up a time!