2018 camps (1)

Where: Redeemer Lutheran Church 1800 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405 and Theodore Wirth Park

Who: 1st-8th Graders and High School Aged Youth Counselors
When: June 18-22 and 25-29, 9am -3pm
Pre-care starting at 8:00 am and post-care until 6:00 pm with a young adult available upon request for around $8 an hour.

On the 29th there will be an end of camp celebration and performance at 2:00 pm for families and friends to attend.

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Details about All in the Circle Here!

This year, we will dive into the world of The Council of Willow Pond with its resident beaver family and the complex web of animals, plants, insects and trees who live together in cooperation.  Did you know that Beavers are a keystone species? This means their role in ecosystems are central to the health of all the other beings who live there.  Through the teachings of the beaver and their connection to the birds, fish, and insects, we will learn and experience the way that all beings, including us humans, are interconnected and interdependent.

As we explore the life of the pond through the social life of beavers and their connection to the birds, fish, insects, we will learn about what it is to be fully human in community.

We are delighted to be partnering with Redeemer Lutheran Church and their long-standing relationship with the North Minneapolis community to expand our the circle and ground the camp in the community it is in.

In Nature class we will have listening circles, explore stories from Willow Pond, in Art we will work with professional artists to create Heart of the Beast style puppets and masks of the beavers and animals we are learning from and in music we will learn and create compositions that bring the life of Willow Pond to life.

The full cost of the camp is $500 for the two weeks.  However, we do a sliding scale so that anyone who wants can attend.  If that tuition isn't possible for you let [email protected] know to work out a scholarship.

Because camp focuses on building a strong group and the projects from art and music build on each other and culminate in an end of camp performance participation in both weeks of camp is required.

Youth Counselors

Youth counselors are one of the most important roles at camp. Counselors act in teams of 2-3 as mentors, teachers and guides for their group of campers. Campers are in grades 1st through 8th. Counselors are 9-12 grade (students who will be going into 9th grade in the Fall of 2018)

This year the camp theme is the “Council of Willow Pond.” This year at All in the Circle Creative Arts & Nature Camp we will dive into the imaginative world of The Council of Willow Pond with its resident beaver family and the web of animals, plants, insects and trees who live together in cooperation. Whether taking on the role of a tree climbing animal, a winged one or trying on the garments of the clouds, campers will try on walking in another’s shoes, paws or hooves to the experience the gift of empathy and to learn from others.

And that is where you come in! Youth counselors are mentors for the campers, ones who help them see the bigger picture, to empathize with other’s perspectives, to find words to share their own feelings and connect to others. Apply to be a youth counselor here!