Check out the following testimonials from families and volunteers who’ve been involved with All in the Circle over the 8 years since its creation! Their stories and experiences speak for themselves!

“We could go on and on with the examples of the benefits we have witnessed with the children.  They are both so much more in touch with their feelings, their role in the protection of nature, and their spiritual connection to others.  We have heartfelt gratitude for this experience for all children.”Nancy and Doug, Grandparents of Campers

“In an era of technology to have such rich programming that connects our children to nature, arts and community are truly priceless…From the amazing staff of people that each brings their own creativity, kindness, compassion & love of the earth to the various skill building activities that they all thoughtfully put together, our only complaint is that it’s only two weeks.” Laura, Parent of Campers

“It is because of camp that I see the need for children to engage in nature as a part of their education and growth. Throughout my 8 summers as a counselor, I have discovered my life’s passion of working with younger children. Being a counselor has helped develop my knowledge in what various age groups need in terms of education, activity, and connection.”Joy, Camp Counselor

“As a parent and grandparent, I applaud the vision and core values of All in the Circle. As an educator, and volunteer at the camp I have seen children welcomed for who they are, having fun and making friends, and feeling a safe haven as some come from challenging circumstances in other places or spaces in their lives. It feels so good to see those special moments when witnessing the rebirth of a “sense of wonder” and joy expressed by a child’s smile.” Lynn, Grandparent of Campers

“From our youngest camper to our oldest volunteer, we’re all living out our community values of loving and being loved, caring and kindness to God’s creation and each other, and being of service to the greater community.” Amy, Camp Music Teacher