Solar Champions

Raise money by helping us educate your community about clean energy and Community Solar

MNIPL is looking for faith communities and civic groups that are eager to raise awareness about the benefits of Community Solar Gardens. MNIPL Solar Champions sponsor educational events and answer questions about the subscription process. In return, MNIPL pays Solar Champion organizations $50 for every customer of Xcel Energy who:

  • Is eligible to subscribe to one of the Community Solar Gardens that MNIPL is promoting in partnership with developer Cooperative Energy Futures. These CSGs are located in Sherburne, Waseca and Faribault counties.

  • Learns about the opportunity to become a CSG subscriber directly through the Solar Champion’s outreach and education efforts.

  • Submits an Xcel Energy Customer Consent Form — which is the first step of the subscription process — as a result of the Solar Champion’s efforts.

  • Ultimately decides to become a CSG subscriber and signs and returns the necessary paperwork to MNIPL.

MNIPL encourages Solar Champions to consider how their CSG proceeds might further the efforts of internal teams focused on sustainability or climate justice.