Host a Solar House Party!

If you're like many people of faith in the Twin Cities and Minnesota, you may be puzzled about the best way to translate your values into action to support climate justice and clean energy. Researching the options for going solar may seem daunting.

Can I afford to put solar on my roof? What's the difference between rooftop solar and Community Solar? Are there other ways to reduce my electric bill?

We'll answer these questions and demystify Community Solar gardens and more, all while having fun at our Solar House Parties! Interested in hosting a solar house party? Click here!

To help Twin Cities residents gain expertise and navigate the decision-making process, MNIPL and community partners have launched a series of free educational Solar House Parties. The agenda includes brief informational talks from experts about rooftop solar for homeowners; Community Solar Gardens as an option that doesn’t require panel installation; energy efficiency; and ways to reduce your household's energy consumption.

MNIPL’s partners in these events are the Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota, All Energy Solarthe Center for Energy and the Environment and Green Home Doctors.

Let us know if your faith community is interested in sponsoring a Solar House Party.


Our congregation and MNIPL jointly hosted a Solar House Party in January. MNIPL put together a terrific program with speakers from MNIPL on climate justice and their Just Solar Coalition; Citizens Utility Board on understanding your utility bill; All Energy Solar on residential solar and rebate programs and Green Home Doctors on home energy efficiency. We jointly promoted the event and twice as many showed up as we expected!

~ Wallace Wadd, Sustainability Committee, Woodbury United Methodist Church

One person in the audience summed it up best when he said: “I really appreciated the broad cross-section of speakers and topics.  Whoever devised the line-up gets an A+.”