Joe Meinholz, Outreach Coordinator

As Outreach Coordinator, Joe helps expand the reach of Community Solar Gardens both in the Metro Area and Southern Minnesota. He also coordinates MNIPL service projects for U of M students and supports engagement within faith communities to have conversations about the climate crisis and move toward hopeful action.

Before joining MNIPL, Joe graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in Family Social Science and Religious Studies. Recently he spent a semester studying liberation theology and rural development in Salinas de Guaranda, Ecuador, which propelled him back to the US, dreaming about a movement for environmental justice in his homeplace in Southwest Wisconsin. He is a member at New City Church where he plays in the worship band, and is passionate about living in Christian intentional community. Outside of work, Joe enjoys hiking road trips, salsa dancing, and overly ambitious attempts at growing food.

You can reach him at