Kristel Porter

Energy Revolution Manager

Kristel Porter will be leading the Xcel Rate Case Campaign  for MNIPL, which will coordinate with congregations and the communities of the North and South Green Zones in Minneapolis. Utilities go up by 20% if Xcel has their way, yet she will be engaging communities throughout the state of Minnesota to take action by attending workshops, community events, public hearings, and by working with city and state officials.

This work will also direct residents to programs and resources to help lower their utility bills and their carbon footprint by choosing to receive energy efficiency audits, subscribing to community solar, signing up for the Solstar Project, and opting into the Organics Recycling Program.

Kristel is also the Executive Director of MN Renewable Now and was formerly the Executive Director of Cleveland Neighborhood Association. She has started different environmentally focused initiatives such as Clean City Youth, which taught youth about waste and how to take care of the environment; as well as Cycle Sisters, which is a program that hosts regular group bike rides for BIPOC women.

Kristel was one of the founders of United Black Legislative Agenda, which was instrumental in the passing of the Urban Ag Bill. In 2020 Kristel planted over 300 trees and worked with the Family of Trees to plant over 1500 white spruces, red maples, and river birches. This initiative is to help mitigate the CO2 in North Minneapolis which also addresses the Heat Island Effect. Currently, Kristel is working to address racial equity through a “block by block” initiative to retrofit 24 rooftops with solar per year in North Minneapolis which began in 2021.

You can reach Kristel at [email protected]