Sarina Partridge

Songleader & Organizer | she/her

Sarina Partridge is a musician, song-leader, educator and activist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She feels most alive when learning, creating and sharing songs. Her role at MNIPL will focus on using community singing and songleading as a tool for engagement, embodiment, grounding and connection. Sarina has a passion for helping people get in touch with their own creativity and with community, and uses singing as an embodied spiritual practice to help folks develop a sense of wonder, belonging, interdependence, and hope.
Sarina has been a classroom educator for most of her adult life and brings a deep well of experience in community building to her facilitation of community singing. Sharing our singing voices is vulnerable! And anytime we are sincerely vulnerable, there is a beautiful opportunity for growth, learning, and connection. This is true in an elementary school classroom - and at a protest - and within the walls of a congregation.
Song is such a powerful medium, often transcending spoken language; when endless facts detailing the crises of our era can leave us overwhelmed and unmoved, unsure of how and where to act, perhaps through singing, we can find our way back to being beautifully beholden to the whole -- and motivated by our undeniable connection to fiercely protect our shared home, Earth.

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