Summer Policy Series Heading

Watch this video about the future of clean heat in Minnesota and how you and your communities can get involved!

The video starts a bit into the presentation but there's still a lot of great content!

Clean Heat by 2040: What Will It Take to Get Us There?

Thursday, June 11 | Noon - 1 pm | Zoom

Minnesota has made a commitment to being carbon-free in our electricity production, but many of us are still using natural gas to heat our homes. Despite the fact that there are more sustainable ways to keep our homes warm like heat pumps or electric heat, most of the policy and physical infrastructure in our state makes methane gas the norm.

Join us for a conversation about what it would take to get to clean heat by 2040, from a formal state commitment to changing local ordinances around gas lines. This will need to be a long-term process in multiple arenas, and we need your help!


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