Why Solar? Why Now?

How our society creates energy is the second largest sector fueling the climate crisis. Switching to solar dramatically reduces a congregation’s greenhouse gas emissions, and, in many cases, can reduce the costs congregations pay for their electricity.

MNIPL has helped more than two dozen congregations navigate solar system installation and join community solar gardens.

There are numerous federal, state, utility, and local incentives available to faith communities to help them transition to solar. MNIPL will help you access these incentives, smoothing the financial transition to solar. We also know how about lots of financing opportunities for your project and can help you find the best fit.

Your Path to Solar

First things first: Fill out the form below so we can get in touch with you.

After you submit, MNIPL staff will contact you to discuss your unique goals and needs and the best steps forward. We'll ask you some questions about your building and history, as well as for information about your last year's worth of energy consumption. (Don't worry – it's all on your energy bills!)

For eligible organizations and congregations, we will get you a solar design at no cost that shows what the design looks like on your campus, how much electricity it will produce, and a 30-year costs and savings analysis. We’ll identify which incentives you qualify for and offer consulting for going forward. We can advise on a variety of financing mechanisms for your project.

Our Solar Partners

MNIPL chooses the solar developers for its programs carefully.

For array installations in Xcel Energy's service area, we partner with Apadana Solar Technology, Solar United Neighbors, and Go Solar Installs. Apadana is a Minnesota-based, minority-owned, full-service electrical engineering firm. It was recently named the top installer for solar projects by the State of Minnesota. Go Solar Installs is also Minnesota based and minority-owned, and is a great fit for our J40 clients. 

For array installations in the Northland and other parts of the state, we partner with a variety of Minnesota-owned solar developers.

Get Started!

The Just Solar Coalition

The Just Solar Coalition was convened in 2014. Together with our coalition partners, MNIPL embraced a vision of 100 percent access to the benefits of clean energy. We support a transition to a green economy that not only includes everyone, but also helps to close the employment gap, improves the natural world, and creates a new story about the community's role in the energy system.

The Just Solar Coalition includes Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, Community Power, the Sierra Club, Cooperative Energy Futures, and Renewable NRG Partners. We have been supported by grants from the Headwaters Foundation, the Global Shapers, and the McKnight Foundation.