Indigenous Rights & Climate Justice Platform

In 2024, we're pushing our legislators to go bold on advancing Indigenous rights and climate justice.

As people who care passionately about our planet and the people in it, we want to build a future that supports vibrant Native and non-Native communities living in right relationship with the land.

Our platform is based on years spent building an authentic coalition between Minnesotans focused on climate justice and Native and Indigenous people. It represents a fundamentally long-haul plan for true healing, respect, and sustainability. Regardless of what happens in the legislative session, we will never cease striving for the realization of this vision.

Join us in creating a more just and sustainable Minnesota!

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2024 Legislative Priorities

Freedom to Invest Act

The retirement accounts of State employees invest billions of dollars in stocks, bonds, and businesses. State legislatures across the country have passed bills that forbid the boards that manage those pensions funds from considering the climate impacts of their investments (and some even require investment in fossil fuels)! This bill would prevent those pro-fossil fuel policies in Minnesota and ask that our Pension Board consider environmental risk when deciding where to invest.

Clean Heat

We have legislative commitments to move to carbon-free energy production, but many of us still rely on natural gas to heat our homes. We need a clear legislative benchmark for when Minnesota will end our use of carbon-heavy natural gas to more sustainable forms of heat through electrification. Read more about the need for clean heat here.

Partnership with CLEAR Coalition

Consumer Demand Forecast

Appeals Court decisions found it acceptable that “demand forecasts” for Line 3 were based on the demand of the oil producers for shipping capacity. In other words, fossil fuel companies can argue that they need more and bigger piplelines because...fossil fuel companies want to make more oil. This bill would clarify “demand” means demand by actual consumers (us), not oil companies.

Partnership with MN350

Sale of Human Remains for Commercial Purposes

Most of us could never imagine walking into a cemetery, unearthing a human skeleton, taking it home, and selling it on eBay or in a pawn shop. And yet, the robbing of Indigenous graves isn't new. This bill would clarify that the sale ban of human remains also protects Indigenous remains regardless of where they are buried. 

Utility Accountability Bill

Utilities companies in Minnesota are monopolies, which means consumers have little choice about who they agree to pay for services. And yet, these companies are free to use the money collected from these necessary services to promote their own fossil fuel usage, pay their executives millions, and hire lobbyists to work against the public interest. This bill would require that rate recovery only align with the needs of the public. Read about why we need this here.

Partnership with CLEAR Coalition

100% Collection of E-Waste

We are throwing most of our electronic waste – and the metals inside it – away, creating demand for more mining that harms ecosystems. At a time when we need these metals to produce things like solar panels and batteries, we're throwing them away. This bill places a fee at the point of sale which is used to appropriately fund expanded collection and management of e-waste.

Coalition Partner with Recycling E-Waste for Climate Action and the Zero Waste Coalition

Rights of Manoomin/Psíŋ

A resolution recognizing Wild Rice (Manoomin in Anishinabe and Psin in Dakota) as sacred and central to the culture and health of Indigenous Peoples in Minnesota and critical to the health and identity of all Minnesota citizens and ecosystems. This resolution will help push our state, our legislature, and our courts to consider the harm to fresh water and this important grain in their decision-making.


Our platform includes five categories of work in which we see real opportunities for progress and funding in this 2024 legislative session. Questions? Contact Juventino Meza, MNIPL's legislative affairs coordinator, at



Respecting Indigenous rights and tribal sovereignty, honoring treaties, engaging in Free Prior & Informed Consent, enacting reparations, and supporting Land Back initiatives are central policymaking needs from our elected officials in Minnesota.


Climate Goals & Truth Telling

Minnesota must meet or exceed State and Federal climate goals, acting locally to align with those set on the global stage.

No false solutions!


Economic Development & Just Transition

Minnesota’s law for 100% Carbon-Free Electricity by 2040 is the foundation for our energy transition. We must ensure the design, implementation and oversight of this transition is just and empowers people, not corporations.


Regulatory Protection of People, Land, Air, & Water

Amidst the climate and equity crises, it is imperative that our regulatory institutions protect our Air, Land, Water, and People, not corporate profits. Agencies must respect the rights of Indigenous people and sovereignty of tribal nations within Minnesota.


Environmental Justice

Native, BPOC and economically disadvantaged communities often bear the brunt of industrial environmental pollution. We must reverse this pattern, center the needs of those most impacted, ensure they have a decisive voice in planning, and make sure benefits flow first to them.

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MNIPL is proud to be a part of Rise & Repair, a diverse alliance of people and organizations advancing Indigenous rights & climate justice during Minnesota’s 2024 legislative session.

Check out this video to see some of what Rise & Repair is working on this session!