As people who are interested in caring for the planet and the people who live in it, many of us are looking for ways to help our organizations or faith communities live in our values.

Organizations can easily cut carbon emissions by 30% on average by implementing energy efficiency measures with some straight-forward upgrades. This reduction in power usage is great for the environment, but it almost means your organization can reduce your energy costs by 30%. What's more, these efficiencies begin to pay for themselves relatively quickly (less than three years), and there are state, local, and federal incentives that can offset the upfront costs. It'll also make your building more accessible and comfortable (no more drafty meeting rooms!)

Our Energy Efficiency Partner

MNIPL partners with Minify Energy, a multi-sector energy efficiency contractor.  The Minify Energy Team has been involved in hundreds of whole-building energy assessments and has successfully completed dozens of energy saving projects since launching in 2019, resulting in:

  • $6,728 in savings per project average
  • 2.8 year average payback/ROI
  • 40% of projects costs covered by incentives (rebates + grants)
  • Over 1,800 Metric Tons in carbon reductions
  • $270,000 combined annual savings for Minify Clients

Minify Energy is motivated by the same earth care values as MNIPL, and together we know how to serve congregations whose progress may depend on volunteers and committee decision-making.

Organizations and congregations start with a comprehensive no-cost energy audit. Minify Energy staff then review the results with your team, identifying the opportunities and their costs and benefits. Minify Energy will map out a plan for implementing the projects and can serve as your turn-key contractor. From 40-story to single-story, from simple to complex, Minify Energy has completed a wide range of projects and can help you achieve your climate and savings goals.

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