Become an MNIPL Climate Justice Household!

While the climate crisis can be overwhelming, remember that we are not alone! It's helpful and important to join with others—those closest to us as well as others across the wider community—to feel that our efforts can make a difference.

As a Climate Justice Household, you are declaring your commitment to effective and sustained action in response to the climate crisis.

Be part of a group of households galvanized around effective climate action. Together, we are raising a collective voice and working on concrete actions and projects within our homes and beyond to address climate change.

How It Works:

Get started and maintain momentum. It only takes two steps!

1) Get an energy audit or calculate your carbon footprint.

2) Commit each season to a climate action.

Learn more below and make a commitment today!

STEP 1:  Get an energy audit

Take your first practical step by getting an energy audit. You'll learn how your home can be more energy efficient through low-cost energy-saving changes that anyone can do. You'll also be advised of any larger home improvement projects you may want to consider.


Use this Household Carbon Calculator instead If energy audits are not available in your area, you do not want an external audit at this time, or you rent/lease. It will estimate your household's current carbon use and provide various options to reduce your footprint.

STEP 2:  Commit to a seasonal climate action

Effective change starts with a direction and a personal commitment. But it can be challenging to know where to start or what to do!

Try dividing the year into four seasons. Pick one goal for each season and a few corresponding SMART actions that can help you achieve that goal. Recommendations from your energy audit are a great place to start!

As we do across all of MNIPL's programs, we encourage a three-part approach to climate action:

  1. systemic
  2. relational/spiritual
  3. practical

Just like a three-legged stool, all three approaches are necessary!