Rise Up to Stop Line 3

This past year has been a time of immense grief for our communities faith and spirituality in the Stop Line 3 movement. We've witnessed Enbridge and the Northern Lights Task Force brutally suppress peaceful Water Protectors—our friends and comrades. Our hearts broke as Enbridge built Line 3 across the Mississippi River, poisoned our sacred waterways through frac-out spills, breached an artesian aquifer, and so much more. Honor the Earth even published a list of the top 10 times Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline has failed our communities, environment, and Indigenous rights.

This past year has also been a time of immense love, community, and courage. Again and again, we have come together and taken powerful, spirit-filled action. From the Treaty People Gathering in June to the Treaty People Walk for Water and Treaties not Tar Sands actions in August, people of faith, spirituality, and conscience have shown up by the thousands for the water, climate, and Indigenous sovereignty.

Enbridge has finished construction and oil can start flowing, but the fight against Line 3 is not over. Because we know this movement goes beyond a single pipeline. We are fighting for the end of all fossil fuel projects. We are fighting the scourge of racism because we know that's what makes climate destruction possible.

We continue to show up in this movement because we are guided by the deepest values of community and care. We show up because we share a collective imagining of a world based on renewable energy, equity and prosperity for all.

Together, we are powerful beyond measure.

Continual Resistance

As construction of Line 3 has completed, some Indigenous-led resistance camps are evaluating how they may shift away from on-the-ground resistance to other forms of action, community building, and healing. Follow and Camp Migitzi for some of the latest updates.

Urge the State of Minnesota to Take Action

Click to demand that Minnesota stop the flow of oil until a full  environmental impact statement is completed. The State has authority over the operations of the pipeline. It can use its regulatory power to prevent or mitigate environmental damage. But the State is not doing its job. We must hold Enbridge accountable and stop the oil before more damage is done.

Sign up for MNIPL Line 3 Action Alerts

Get critical information about actions at the pipeline and in the metro area. Plus stay current on relevant media coverage and ongoing ways to amplify, donate, and show up for the movement to Stop Line 3.

Frontline Indigenous Groups

Water Protectors are actively on the frontlines to defend the water, land, climate, and wild rice. Follow our partners on social media for real-time updates and specific opportunities to get involved.

Movement Highlights/Inspiration

Marianne Comfort, a justice coordinator with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, shares a powerful reflection that can help us feel the anticipated grief we might feel at the loss of a treasured body of water or patch of land and all the life it holds. And how that can spur us to protective action.

On Aug. 31, 63 state and federal electeds delivered a letter to Biden asking for "urgent intervention to protect Indigenous sovereignty amidst the construction of the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline in northern Minnesota." Read the letter, Star Tribune coverage, and Rep. Ilhan's tweet.

Soto Zen priest Ben Connelly, an MNIPL community leader, shares why we must listen to the call from Indigenous leaders to stop Line 3 in an article he wrote for Lion's Roar, published 8/10/21.

Faith leaders are preaching about Line 3, the need to divest from fossil fuels and to honor the treaties.

  • MNIPL's Rev. Buff Grace preached on 7/18/21 at Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis.
  • Rev. Dana Neuhauser preached on 7/25/21 at First Covenant Church in Minneapolis (Facebook video; start at 38:37 timestamp).

MNIPL's North Minneapolis Youth 'N Power Team delivered an Amicus Brief to Attorney General Keith Ellison at the Minnesota State Capitol on Tuesday, June 1 demanding a stop to the destructive Line 3 oil pipeline. Read the amicus brief and the press release. Plus, check out the Facebook video of the press conference!

Get educated about how Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources has allowed Enbridge to move 10 times as much water as originally approved. That's 5 billion gallons of dewatering during a drought! Read a 4-page fact sheet.

The Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution opposing Line 3. Click to read the statement.

Together We Can #StopLine3

The movement to Stop Line 3 is a living ecosystem of advocacy, direct action, and education. Think of it like a three-legged stool that involves systemic change, practical change, and spiritual/relational change. We need all three to stop this pipeline! Below is an ever-evolving toolkit of ways you can support the current moment!

Frontlines Support

Learn more about direct action

Join the Movement to Stop Line 3 for virtual orientation calls about how you can take action on the frontlines. These calls are held weekly on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Scout pipeline construction

Watch the Line is an all-volunteer effort to legally monitor and document Line 3 construction and report any problems found. Apply to be a monitor.


Host a Film Showing

Host a watch party of Honor the Earth’s film, LN3: Seven Teachings of the Anishinaabe in Resistance. This 38-minute documentary is a great way to introduce your community to the pipeline. MNIPL will help equip you with tools to facilitate a dialogue that leads people to action.

Have MNIPL Talk to Your Community about Line 3

One of the most important ways we can work to stop Line 3 is by talking about it. We have practical tools you can use to educate your faith community about Line 3 and can help coach you to bring up this divisive topic in a way that leads to change and deeper relationships. Contact

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