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Watch this recording of the session to learn more about how climate change is affecting our investments and share with your communities!

How is Climate Change Affecting Our Investments?

Thursday, June 18 | Noon - 1 pm | Zoom

We know that climate disruption is having an effect on both our present and our future, but many of the places where we and our state are investing money aren’t taking those realities into account. In fact, 17 states across the county, influenced by fossil fuel interests, have passed laws barring their State Investment Boards from considering risks like climate change. Not only is this bad news for the environment, but it’s bad news for those pension-holders.

Please join us for a webinar with Jordan Haedtler, Climate Financial Policy Consultant, on the ways in which we explore the ways climate disruption is affecting investments, and how those risks are passed on to consumers!


  • Check out the deck for the July 18 session
  • Read and share this overview of the threats of climate disruption on financial systems
  • For an understanding of the national push to prevent Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations in risk assessment, check out this overview or take a look at this legislative tracker of all the proposed bills across all 50 states
  • Take a look at this overview of MNIPL's proposed legislation that would require our State Investment Board to incorporate ESG considerations
  • Read and share this critique of the Maryland Assessment by Jordan Haedtler
  • Familiarize yourself with the Minnesota State Board of Investment's Climate Roadmap
  • Check out this article about how rising insurance costs are undermining our financial stability – you can also read more about insurance here and here