Wisdom to Support & Inspire

FIrelight includes content to nourish our souls and inspire our climate justice work. We hope these offerings can also support your meetings and gatherings as you ground your time together in relationship and care.

If you'd like to contribute a reflection, success story, poem or other source of inspiration for Firelight, contact [email protected] with your idea and our editorial team will be in touch.

Celebrating Elly Wagner’s Life


We at MNIPL want to honor and celebrate the life of Eleanor “Elly” Wagner (1941-2021)—an amazing person and activist who was dedicated to social justice, climate justice, and sustainability.  Elly…

Testimonies from Treaty People

By Community Member

Many members of MNIPL’s extended community attended August’s Treaty People Walk for Water and Treaties Not Tar Sands. Here are a few beautiful personal testimonies about their experiences, offered generously through words, video, and imagery.

Swimming Gitchi Gami

By Johannah Frisby

As I ran into the chilly waters of Lake Superior, I was stunned by the clarity and the color: the most vibrant yet subtle sky blue, both bright and deep.…

Integrating Creation Care into Vacation Bible School

By Community Member

Integrating creation care resources into curriculum takes work and imagination. But the Rev. Debra Collum believes it’s worth it. Learn how she rewrote lessons to highlight environmental messages.

Being at the Water Protector Camp

By Community Member

This reflection was written by Barb Patterson, a member of Edina Community Lutheran Church (ECLC), following a trip to Palisade on April 17, 2021. Dick and I left the Twin…

Reflections on the Trial of Derek Chauvin

By Liz Loeb

Today, we expect that jury selection will begin for the criminal trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. We know that for many of us, and especially…

Volunteer Spotlight: Kristen Anderson

By Buff Grace

Kristen Anderson was in danger of being called a “bluestocking polymath” even before finishing college. Now, among her many activities, she is focusing her skills and efforts to serve MNIPL…

Youth N’ Power Volunteer: Jaiden Ellington-Vasser

By Buff Grace

Jaiden admits she was skeptical when she first met staff and students of MNIPL’s Youth N’ Power program. Now she is one of its core members and a vibrant young…

Rev. Lee Schaefer pointing to his garage, which was installed with an 8-panel solar array

Movement Builder: Rev. Lee Schaefer

By Buff Grace

Among the good reasons to work in the climate justice movement are the interesting and good-hearted people you meet on the way. People like the Rev. Lee Schaefer. Lee began…

Driving Home a Message to Vote

By Jayda Pounds

Inspired by the “Chalk the Vote” campaign led by MNIPL’s Get Out The Vote team, my car art hopes to invoke those same tactics. Car art is a mobile medium, and surrounding cars must read and engage with the message.

Voting is Loving: Thoughts on California Wildfires

By Charissa Verdoorn

This reflection is from Efua Sey, a senior at Macalester College from California. She attends Bethel Christian Fellowship in St. Paul. Efua is active in MNIPL’s Climate Justice Voter campaign.…

Honoring Juneteenth Day

By Whitney Terrill

Happy Juneteenth! Juneteenth is a day to celebrate how far we have come in the struggle for equality and freedom in the United States. Each June nineteenth commemorates the arrival…