Wisdom to Support & Inspire

FIrelight includes essays, poems, prayers, songs, and profiles to nourish our souls and inspire our climate justice work. We hope these offerings can also support your meetings and gatherings as you ground your time together in relationship and care.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kristen Anderson

By Buff Grace

Kristen Anderson was in danger of being called a “bluestocking polymath” even before finishing college. Now, among her many activities, she is focusing her skills and efforts to serve MNIPL as one of its board of directors and a key member on the Line 3 Interfaith Team. An outdoorswoman from an early age, Kristen learned…

Youth N’ Power Volunteer: Jaiden Ellington-Vasser

By Buff Grace

Jaiden admits she was skeptical when she first met staff and students of MNIPL’s Youth N’ Power program. Now she is one of its core members and a vibrant young teacher of climate justice. It all started in 2019 when Jaiden was working for Redeemer Center for Life, which hosts MNIPL’s Youth N’ Power group.…

Rev. Lee Schaefer pointing to his garage, which was installed with an 8-panel solar array

Movement Builder: Rev. Lee Schaefer

By Buff Grace

Among the good reasons to work in the climate justice movement are the interesting and good-hearted people you meet on the way. People like the Rev. Lee Schaefer. Lee began volunteering as Movement Builder with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light about a year ago and has already organized fellow members at his church, worked to…

Driving Home a Message to Vote

By Jayda Pounds

Inspired by the “Chalk the Vote” campaign led by MNIPL’s Get Out The Vote team, my car art hopes to invoke those same tactics. Car art is a mobile medium, and surrounding cars must read and engage with the message.

Voting is Loving: Thoughts on California Wildfires

By Charissa Verdoorn

This reflection is from Efua Sey, a senior at Macalester College from California. She attends Bethel Christian Fellowship in St. Paul. Efua is active in MNIPL’s Climate Justice Voter campaign. What does it feel like to be in Minnesota while hearing about the West Coast fires? I am fortunate to live in Granada Hills, in…

Honoring Juneteenth Day

By Whitney Terrill

Happy Juneteenth! Juneteenth is a day to celebrate how far we have come in the struggle for equality and freedom in the United States. Each June nineteenth commemorates the arrival of freedom to the remaining enslaved African Americans in 1865, and serves as a reminder of the hope, tenacity, and spirit of the African-American community…

To reduce the risk of future pandemics, we need to move from domination to partnership with nature

By Teddie Potter

Welcome to this edition of Firelight: Wisdom to Support & Inspire! This edition of Firelight is written by Teddie Potter who shares reflections on how we can help health-care professionals fight crises like COVID-19 by changing the way we live and the choices we make. This Month’s Curator: Teddie Potter is Director of Planetary Health at…

Minnesotans Support Clean Cars

By Sam Benson

MNIPL supporter and Woodbury resident, Wallace Wald explains why he supports Governor Walz’s administration’s clean car proposal.   The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is working on adopting Clean Car Standards, which would require vehicle manufacturers to sell more low and zero-emission vehicles in Minnesota. In March the MPCA will publish a Notice of Intent to Adopt…

Miikawaadenim – To Be Beautiful

By Winona LaDuke

Welcome to this edition of Firelight: Wisdom to Support & Inspire! This edition of Firelight is written by Winona Laduke who shares reflections on co-creating a more kind and beautiful Northland, Minnesota, nation, and world. This Month’s Curator: Winona LaDuke is a rural development economist and author working on issues of Indigenous Economics, Food and…

Start at the Roots and Grow Upward Together

By Bethany Divakaran

Welcome to this edition of Firelight: Wisdom to Support & Inspire! This edition of Firelight is curated by Bethany Divakaran who shares reflections on patient growth and rootedness. This Month’s Curator: Bethany Divakaran is a dabbling writer, a cycling enthusiast, an aspiring gardener, a self-made home canner, a puppy foster-mother, and a keen lover of…

Sacred Circle Liturgy – a Climate Crisis Resource

By Devon Cupery

This Climate Crisis Liturgy is a worship resource recently created by David Weiss, a theologian, writer, poet and hymnist committed to doing “public theology” around issues of ecology, sexuality, justice, diversity, and peace. David offered it as a Sacred Circle for Our Climate at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ,  following the Global Youth Climate Strike…

Writing for a Storm: Six Moments of Grief and Resistance

By Sara Wilhelm Garbers

As we begin this September edition of Firelight, we mourn the loss of life due to Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines. This month’s curator Sara Wilhelm Garbers offers us six moments of poignant reflection on our changing climate and inspiration for our collective response. This Month’s Curator: Sara Wilhelm Garbers…