Wisdom to Support & Inspire

FIrelight is here to nourish our souls and inspire our climate justice work. We hope these offerings can also support your meetings and gatherings as you ground your time together in relationship and care. If you'd like to contribute a reflection, poem, or another source of inspiration for Firelight, contact


Connectedness That Sustains Well-being

Dear Friend, Welcome to this edition of Firelight: Wisdom to Support & Inspire! This edition of Firelight is curated by Bethany Divakaran who shares stories of connection. Read on for…

Women’s Wisdom

The arts transmit women’s voices with potency. I invite you to sink into these poems and songs; let them fill you up so that you feel strengthened in your inner…

Image by Monica Trinidad, a queer, latinx artist, activist and organizer born and raised on the
southeast side of Chicago. Monica is also a co-founder of the For the People Artists Collective.

Birthing the World

This ​week ​we’re ​exploring ​how ​we ​can ​build ​creativity ​and ​generativity ​in ​our ​work. ​This ​is ​a difficult ​time ​for ​many ​of ​us, ​as ​we’re ​confronted ​with ​what ​can ​feel…


Taking Flight With Friends!

This reflection from being at the All in the Circle Camp was written by Erin Pratt, former program director at MNIPL. The last two days of camp have been full of drumming,…


Building a Culture of Kindness

This reflection from a day at the All in the Circle Camp was written by Erin Pratt, former program director at MNIPL. Camp was beautiful today.  Our camp is truly…