For the first time in 20 years, the Minnesota Governor's seat and all state Senate and Representative seats are up for election.

The stakes are high for this 2022 midterm election. Climate change, gun violence, women's rights, LGBTQ equality, racial justice, and even our liberty are on the line.

Up and down the ballot, we can vote for leaders who will prioritize justice—but only if people show up to vote in record numbers. Just 50% of eligible voters in Minnesota voted in the 2014 midterms. That’s why we need your help!

As people of faith and conscience, you can talk to people in your community and increase voter turnout.

MNIPL has created three powerful, non-partisan actions that you and your communities of faith and spirituality can do this summer and fall. They are all based on having conversations.

Together, we can put our values into action and turn Minnesotans out to vote!

Countdown to Election Day!

Join us as stewards of freedom! Fill out this form to take action, get help, or join MNIPL activities:

  • Personalized training
  • Virtual meet-ups
  • Door knocking in the Twin Cities

Our Goal: Conversations!

How do we bridge divides and increase voter turnout? By having non-partisan conversations about the importance of voting and providing practical information about the voting process. 60% of eligible voters are never asked to register. You can help by reaching new and infrequent voters in your broader community and among the circles of people you know!

This summer and fall, we invite you to engage potential voters in meaningful conversation based on values. MNIPL has resources, printed materials, trainings, and support to help faith and spiritual communities take on any of these 3 powerful actions.

Knock on Doors

Door-knocking is a great way to connect with people in your faith or spiritual community's neighborhood. Find out what issues matter most to your neighbors and help them be ready to vote. MNIPL will provide in-depth training. Team activity

Download the Door-Knocking Toolkit.

Show Up in Public Spaces

Meet people where they're at. Set up a table outside a public space (like a grocery store, transit stop, or farmer's market) to have conversations and provide information about voting. Team activity

Download the Tabling Toolkit.

Talk with People You Know

This is the MOST effective way to increase voter turnout. As a trusted person in other people's lives, you are the best messenger for encouraging someone to vote. Individual activity

Download the Relational Organizing Guide.

Action Training

Watch condensed versions of the training we offered in July for each action. In these videos, we focus on the most important and useful things you need to need to know to be successful! Want customized training for your faith or spiritual community? Fill out this form or contact Joshua Lewis at joshua@mnipl.org.

Key Election Dates

Primary Election:  Tuesday, August 9
Vote early: June 24-Aug. 8

General Election:  Tuesday, November 8
Vote early: Sept. 23-Nov. 7

Need Support? MNIPL is Here to Help!

We'd love to talk with you about any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have for this 2022 Voter Conversation Campaign! Here's how to reach us:

Resources for Your Faith/Spiritual Community

Shareable Message

Make sure members and visitors of your faith or spiritual community are ready to vote too! Copy/paste this message and use a customized version in emails, bulletins, service/assembly announcements, meetings, and more.

Make a Pledge to Vote!

Voting is an important way to live out our faith and values, and the November 8 midterm elections are coming up soon! Make a pledge to vote as a person of faith and conscience at mnipl.org/voter-pledge [or scan this QR code]. This page also includes helpful links about voting this year.

After making your pledge, help [COMMUNITY NAME] make sure our community, family, and friends are prepared to vote, too! [ADD AN INVITE TO YOUR VOTER CONVERSATION ACTION; TELL THEM WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHO TO TALK TO/HOW TO SIGN UP].

Click to download this QR code (for mnipl.org/voter-pledge) to use in your message.

Resources from Interfaith Power & Light

Our partners at Interfaith Power & Light (the national organization) have materials available to download. Note: IPL is a separate organization from MNIPL.

IPL's Faithful Voter Reflection Guide

This non-partisan, multi-issue guide discusses many of the defining moral issues of our time that are on the ballot. It can help you have conversations about voting in your communities, households, and even in your door-knocking and tabling work. Download it here. MNIPL also has a limited number of printed versions that we can mail to congregations in Minnesota. Contact office@mnipl.org to request one.

Sermon/Talk Resources from IPL

Get non-partisan messaging and resources about the importance of voting that can help you develop a sermon, d'var Torah,  khutbah, or talk with your community. Sign up, and the resources will be emailed to you.