Earth Day 2024 Word

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day serves as a reminder of the love we have for this world and the people in it, and it calls us to live in that love through acts of repair, healing, and interdependence.

To mark this month, we have three tangible actions you can take to help build towards the world we want to see. These are important opportunities for reflection and action that you can use as individuals and with your friends, neighbors, and communities:

  1. Educate your communities about the Rights of Manoomin/Psíŋ Resolution and ask your legislators to support it
  2. Write a love letter to Mother Earth and send us a picture of it
  3. Plan your energy transition with our expert navigators

Check it out more details below (as well as some bonus actions!) – and happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2024 Systemic

Action # 1: Educate  your communities about the Rights of Manoomin/Psíŋ Resolution and ask your legislators to support it!

We are advocating for a Rights of Manoomin/Psíŋ resolution, which would ask our government to honor the rights of wild rice (known as manoomin to Anishinaabeg people and psíŋ to the Lakota and Dakota) to exist, flourish, regenerate, and evolve.

This important resolution would not only protect wild rice, which is critical to our ecosystems and to the cultural and spiritual practices of Native American people — it would also be a profound change in prioritizes: regeneration over greed, sustainability over profit.

Help inform yourself or share with others! Click here to download a one-pager about the Rights of Manoomin/Psíŋ! 

Click here to contact your legislators! This tool will use your address to send an auto-populated message directly to your state representative and state senator.

Earth Day 2024 Relational

Action #2: Write a love letter to Mother Earth and send us a picture of it!

We know that you hold a deep and abiding love for this world and the people in it. We also know that you are committed to taking action to demonstrate that love.

This month, we'd love for you to write a love letter to Mother Earth! Let us know why you love this world and what you do to show that love. We're going to show how many passionate people out there care about this work by putting together a website with photos of people holding up their letters.

Click here to download the Lover Letter to Mother Earth template. When you finish it, take a picture of you holding it up and send it to!

You can do this on your own or with members of your community – we want to see your love!

Check back for a link to the website with all the photos!

Earth Day 2024 Practical

Action #3: Plan your energy transition with our expert navigators

We know that collective work is necessary to come into deeper relationship with this world and each other. In order to live in a world we want to see, we'll all need to make individual and collective changes, including in how our homes and buildings use energy.

MNIPL can help connect you to the right people and services to make your homes and community buildings more energy efficient and to convert to solar or other forms of heating or energy.

Click here to learn more about how MNIPL can support your energy transition.

Click here to fill out a form to get connected with Buff and Bret, our energy efficiency and solar navigators.

More Ideas

Make a Donation to MNIPL

All this work is only possible with donations from people like you. In honor of Earth Day, please make a donation to MNIPL to help communities convert to solar, support our advocacy work, and build our resiliency to climate disruptions.

Click here to donate!

Interested in learning more about our work? Check our our 2023 Year in Review!

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Rise & Repair is diverse alliance leading many important legislative priorities, including returning stolen state-owned land to Native American tribes (contact your legislator about that here!), 100% e-waste recycling, and increasing climate justice education.

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