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Water and Stars: A Winter Solstice Action

Water and Stars began in 2020 as an invitation by Indigenous leaders at the RISE Coalition and Honor the Earth during the pipeline resistance movement. It has since become an annual practice to bring our collective energy together in prayer, reflection, and intetion as we honor sacred waters on the darkest night of the year.

On this Winter Solstice 2022, we continue to rebuke all extractive projects and offer a shared dream of a just and sustainable future based on connection and transformation.

Everyone is invited to be part of this solstice action, and you can participate from anywhere! 

Here’s what we’re asking you to do:

  • We hope you can participate at sunset on the 21st, but please pick the time that works best for you!
  • Find a quiet spot in your home, somewhere outdoors, or a space near a body of water. Perhaps invite friends or members of your faith or spiritual community to join you.
  • Offer a prayer, spiritual practice, song, reflection, ritual, or whatever feels meaningful from your faith/spiritual tradition or life. You can also use our special Water and Stars Solstice Guide 2022. It was written for people from many different faiths, traditions, religions, and spiritual practices, and for those who do not identify in this way. We updated it this year with songs from Sarina Partridge.
  • Post about your solstice water offering on social media. Tag MNIPL and use the hashtag #solsticewater.
  • Share photos or videos from your offering with MNIPL by emailing sarina@mnipl.org.

Related Event:

If you are in the Twin Cities, you are welcome to also join us at Hidden Falls Regional Park on Sunday, December 18 for Solstice Songs for the Water.

  • This event has passed.


Wed, December 21, 2022




Sarina Partridge