Help your community learn, connect, and act on climate justice by offering one of our workshops facilitated by MNIPL staff and core volunteers. These events can be in-person or on Zoom, depending on your needs.

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If you don't see any workshops that fit your community's needs, contact [email protected] and we'll work with you.

Suggested honoraria: $50 per hour


Climate Conversation

In this 1-2 hour workshop, we help participants connect with their deepest values, before articulating together the realities of the climate crisis, how it connects with our faith and spirituality, and how their community they can take action for a more just and sustainable world. Climate Conversations are a great way to jumpstart climate action in your community!

MNIPL Introductory Presentation

Is your faith community interested in learning more about MNIPL and how we work for climate justice by engaging people of faith? A staffer will speak to your group and help you learn more about MNIPL and opportunities to join the movement! This presentation is 45-60 minutes.

Solar Info Session

Trees and plants have been using the sun’s free energy for millions of years to make the earth a better place to live. You can too, but it can be more complicated for humans. This one-hour info session explains how homeowners and congregations can go solar and save the earth while significantly cutting their utility bills. We help you understand the many options available and what fits you best. Learn more

Be the Spark!

Through our Be the Spark leadership development workshop, people of faith are trained to be powerful organizers in the climate movement. We offer 1-2 hour custom workshops as well as a two-day training held annually. Be the Spark is a dynamic, interactive workshop that builds community and gives participants premier organizing tools and strategic approaches for engaging their community in climate action. 

We are All Treaty People: Stopping Line 3

As people of faith, what is our role in the Stop Line 3 movement? We are called to show up in solidarity with Indigenous people who are defending the water, the land, and the climate from the atrocities of fossil fuel projects like the Line 3 oil pipeline. Learn about what it means to be “treaty people” and how to take action on Line 3.

Climate Justice Congregation Coaching

Are you creating or working on a climate action plan for your community? We want to help! An experienced organizer will meet with your team to facilitate discussion and planning about your community's goals, tactics, and next steps. Coaching sessions are tailored to meet your needs, and may include topics such as growing your team, setting goals and developing strategies. 

Act on Climate from Home

Learn what you and your household can do to reduce your carbon footprint, support sustainable policies and create community one easy step at a time. The Climate Justice Household Program helps you become climate heroes and this one-hour workshop will help you get started!

Advocacy 101

In this 60-90-minute workshop, learn how to engage your congregation around advocating for state and federal policy action to address the climate crisis. This session will review key points about current policy proposals and will give you the skills to write a powerful advocacy letter to send to key decision-makers - during the workshop! Families are invited!

More Workshops Coming Soon!

Check back for even more workshops and presentations that your community can take advantage of. Contact [email protected] if you have an ideas for a workshop you'd like to offer, too!