Updates from the Multifaith Climate Movement

Our 6th gathering at Mississippi Headwaters was a beautiful time of healing, connection, and sharing.

Headwaters gathering brought healing, connections

Our 6th Headwaters gathering strengthened community and brought healing, as we prayed, talked, listened, and learned together with Mississippi.


Xcel rate decision is a climate justice win

The PUC’s recent decision to limit Xcel’s rate increase is a major win! Not to mention their acknowledgment of the need for justice in setting utility rates. MNIPL’s organizing work made a difference!


Over 100 gathered to chart an equitable clean energy transition in MN

Community leaders gathered to discuss the path forward to an equitable green energy transition in MN.


2023 legislature brought climate and equity gains

From a climate and equity perspective, Minnesota’s 2023 legislative session is bringing the transformational change we have sought for years.


News Flash! MNCIFA gets $20 million from Energy Committee

The Environment, Natural Resources, Climate and Energy Conference Committee just finalized a bill with $20 million for MNCIFA.

MnCIFA picture

MnCIFA is in Omnibus bills, but needs more funding. Take Action Now.

The MN Climate Innovation Finance Authority must be fully funded by the legislature! It is a key tool for helping MN transition equitably to clean energy.


MNCIFA Gets Hearings in the Senate

After receiving its initial hearing in the MN House on March 7, the bill that would establish the MN Climate Innovation Finance Authority (MNCIFA) (SF 2301; authored by Senator Tou…


The MN Indian Family Preservation Act Passes

On Thursday, March 9, House members voted 128-0 to pass HF1071/SF667, the Indian Family Preservation Act. It had passed the Senate 66-1 on February 27. The bill now heads to…


Introducing the MN Climate Innovation Finance Authority

Rep. Emma Greenman and Sen. Tou Xiong have introduced a bill (HF2336/SF2301) to establish the Minnesota Climate Innovation Finance Authority (MNCIFA)


MN Senate votes to support Native rights

Kudos to the MN Senate for passing a bill, introduced by Sen. Mary Kunesh, which bolsters the MN Indian Family Preservation Act, bringing critical support for the wellbeing of Native children.