How our society creates energy is the second largest sector fueling the climate crisis. Switching to solar makes a huge impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. MNIPL partners with a variety of solar installers and renewable energy experts to help individuals, congregations, and businesses switch to solar.

Our projects adjust seasonally, responding to incentives, markets and available partners. Going solar not only helps the planet, but often cuts costs of your utility bill. We also offer ways for small investors to help tell a new energy story through specific social justice equity projects in Minnesota.

MNIPL partnerships are guided by the four justice principles of the Just Solar Coalition, which we helped convene. Justice centers and grounds our work.

  1. Promote access to solar for all, regardless of credit score
  2. Strive to close the employment gap
  3. Work to reduce carbon and protect the environment
  4. Support a new story about how we all relate to energy

Take Action on Solar


Now is the time to support clean, local solar energy by installing solar panels or subscribing to a community solar garden. Options available for homeowners and renters. Learn more.


Faith and spiritual communities can promote climate justice, support clean energy, and reduce electricity bills by installing solar panels on their buildings or subscribing to a community solar garden. Learn more.

Small Businesses

MNIPL embraces a vision of a Minnesota run on 100% renewable energy and with 100% access for all to the benefits of clean energy—including small businesses and nonprofits! Learn more.

The Just Solar Coalition

The Just Solar Coalition was convened in 2014. Together with our coalition partners, MNIPL embraced a vision of 100 percent access to the benefits of clean energy. We support a transition to a green economy that not only includes everyone, but also helps to close the employment gap, improves the natural world, and creates a new story about the community's role in the energy system.

The Just Solar Coalition includes Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, Community Power, the Sierra Club, Cooperative Energy Futures, and Renewable NRG Partners. We have been supported by grants from the Headwaters Foundation, the Global Shapers, and the McKnight Foundation.