Solar Array

Faith communities can install solar panels on your facilities and reap big savings on electrical bills while living out your creation care values. Your congregation gets free electricity from the sun plus incentive payments from their utility for the electricity they generate. Our program also pairs congregations with a tax equity partner so that you receive a portion of the 26% federal tax credit — even as a non-profit that does not pay taxes. This and other financial work-arounds (which are completely legal) can mean that installing solar is a great investment for your faith community, saving you thousands of dollars in electricity bills. Congregations in the city of Minneapolis may qualify for even more incentives.

Our current installer partner is Sundial Energy, a long-time Minnesota installer and leader in the renewable energy policy in the state. Email our Solar Outreach Manager, Buff Grace, to get started.

Community Solar Garden (CSG)

Congregation can go solar with no money down and without owning an array and still save on electrical bills by subscribing to a CSG. These are large solar arrays that multiple customers buy into for some or all of their electricity.

In Minnesota, customers must be in the same or in an adjacent county to where the array is installed. CSG developers typically install these large arrays in rural areas where land is less expensive. For this reason, no CSGs are currently available for faith communities located in Ramsey and Hennepin Counties.

Our current CSG partner is Impact Power Solutions, one of Minnesota’s first solar power companies and an expert in CSGs. Email our Solar Outreach Manager, Buff Grace, to get started. Counties which currently have CSGs available are: Washington, Chisago, Dakota, Sterns, Wright, Carver.

For more information about any of our Just Solar programs, email Buff Grace, MNIPL's Solar Outreach Manager.