Congregations and spiritual communities can enjoy significant savings on electrical bills while living out your values to care for the planet. Solar options through MNIPL include installing solar arrays on your facilities or subscribing to a community solar garden.

Solar Arrays

Get set discounts on electricity at no cost to your community through solar array programs known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

A PPA connects your congregation with a tax equity investment partner who covers all costs of the design, installation, and maintenance of the solar system. They own the system for a set number of years and receive the tax credits and incentives available by law.

In turn, the investor provides your community with a set discount on rates for all electricity generated by the solar system. The PPA also allows you to purchase the solar array at a significant discount over its original cost after a certain number of years.

MNIPL currently has PPA options available for Xcel Energy and Dakota Electric customers:

Apadana Solar 25-year PPA

Apadana Solar is a longtime MNIPL partner with years of experience installing commercial and residential solar arrays. Their PPA offers a 10% discount on electricity rates for 25 years at which point the system and all its benefits revert to congregation ownership. Buy-out options for years 10 and 15 can be negotiated upfront. For more information, email [email protected]

Lake Street Solar 20-year PPA

Lake Street Solar, LLC, partners with MNIPL to make solar available to congregations and small businesses in underserved communities. Their PPA offers a 5 to 10% discount on Xcel rates for 20 years. Buy-out options are available as early as year 7 at 10% of the original cost of the solar system.

Lake Street Solar prefers properties in Minneapolis, Edina, and St. Louis Park, but congregations in other Twin Cities areas may qualify.  For more information and to apply, click here.

Community Solar Gardens

Owning a solar array isn't the only way to go solar and still save on electrical bills. You can subscribe to a Community Solar Garden (CSG). These are large solar arrays that multiple customers buy into for some or all of their electricity.

In Minnesota, customers must be in the same or in an adjacent county to where the array is installed. CSG developers typically install these large arrays in rural areas where land is less expensive.

In the Twin Cities and surrounding area, counties with CSGs include Washington, Chisago, Dakota, Sterns, Wright, and Carver. None are currently available in Ramsey or Hennepin Counties.

Our CSG partner is Impact Power Solutions, one of Minnesota’s first solar power companies and an expert in CSGs. Email [email protected] to get started.

For more information about any of our Just Solar programs, email [email protected].