It has never been easier for faith and spiritual communities to choose solar energy and care for the earth with clean, renewable electricity. With MNIPL's programs, faith and spiritual communities have two excellent options:

  1. buy your own solar system and eliminate electricity bills, or
  2. pay nothing and lock in a 10% discount on electricity for 25 years

Direct Purchase Solar Program

Get a direct payment from the federal government for at least 30% of the cost of installing a solar system. Congregations may also qualify for up to a 70% pay-back.

In most cases, solar systems replace all of a congregation's electricity usage. This means no electrical bills! Additionally, congregations may qualify for utility and municipal incentives where available. The resulting return on investment makes solar a wise financial choice and a good choice for the earth.

Contact Buff Grace at for a free solar proposal that includes a solar design and 30-year projections of financial savings.

No-Cost Solar Program

If a faith or spiritual community doesn't want to purchase a solar system, you can still go solar for absolutely no cost.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) partner a congregation with an investor who pays for the solar system and gives the congregation a set discount on electricity—typically 10% off.

The investor gets the federal tax credit, incentives, and energy production. The congregation supports renewable energy for free while realizing a small savings on electricity.

To find out if your community qualifies, contact Buff Grace at

Solar Partners

MNIPL chooses the solar developers for its programs carefully.

For array installations in Xcel Energy's service area, we partner with Apadana Solar Technology. Apadana is a Minnesota-based, minority-owned, full-service electrical engineering firm. It was recently named the top installer for solar projects by the State of Minnesota.

For array installations in the Northland and other parts of the state, we partner with a variety of Minnesota-owned solar developers.

For more information about any of our Just Solar programs, email