Become an MNIPL Climate Justice Congregation!

Climate Justice Congregations are communities of faith and spiritual practice who are committed to living out their faith through effective and sustained action on climate justice. MNIPL's certification program is a year-long process that will help you gain the focus, resources and support that can help galvanize your community into committed climate action.

Join a growing number of faith communities who raise a collective voice and drive faithful action on climate justice.

To get started, fill out our interest form. There is no obligation. This just starts the conversation!

Program Activities

This certificate program provides resources and a map to deeply engage your faith community in the work of climate justice. To be certified, your congregation will participate in most of the following activities:

  • Create an action plan:  Develop an annual action plan based on the "three-legged stool" approach, which includes creating practical, systemic, and spiritual/relational goals for your faith community. MNIPL can guide you through this process.
  • Attend Be the Spark:  Have one or more people from your faith community attend the Be the Spark Leadership Development and Organizing Training.
  • Designate a Community Connector:  Choose at least one person as a Community Connector who serves as a liaison between your congregation and MNIPL.
  • Host an MNIPL Program:  Based on the needs and interests of your community this could be a Conversation about COVID-19 and Climate Change, a Solar House Party, an opportunity to learn about the Line 3 Pipeline Resistance, or a tailored Be the Spark organizing training. You will schedule the event and invite people to join. All events are currently being held online.
  • Become a Sustaining Congregation: To help provide essential support for your community’s participation in the program, we ask that you become a Sustaining Congregation with an annual donation in any amount that is meaningful. The suggested level is $500. Thanks in advance for your partnership and support.

Steps to Certification

Step 1:  Fill out the interest form!

Step 2:  Connect with us! We will contact you to set up an initial phone call. We'll then set up a meeting with you and other people from your congregation who are interested in working with you on the certification process.

Step 3:  Work with your team to complete your action plan, including:

  • Vision - If you are totally successful, how will you congregation embody climate justice in 10 years from now?
  • Assets - Please describe the assets that your congregation brings to the climate justice movement.
  • Goals - List your goals for the current year related to promoting practical change such as lowering carbon emissions, promoting systemic or policy change, and deepening spiritual commitment and relationships in your congregation.

Step 4:  Submit your action plan:

Step 5:  Become a Sustaining Congregation.

Step 6:  Participate!

  • Have one or more people from your faith community attend our Be the Spark Leadership Development and Organizing Training. New this year - we are offering online training Thursday evenings this summer (2020). We also host a two-day training in St. Paul, held annually in February and March.
  • Join our monthly webinars for Community Connectors and other folks from faith communities participating in this program to learn more about ongoing campaigns and resources available to you.

Step 7:  Report and Celebrate! At the end of each year we will ask you to fill out a form to report your accomplishments. We will create a press release and report that celebrates all of the communities doing this work, and compiling numbers such as carbon saved and number of people positively impacted by your work.

Step 8:  Review and renew your plan.

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