Event Series Policy Team Meeting

Policy Team Meeting


Want to help advocate at the federal, state, and local levels for policy initiatives that address the climate crisis? If you are interested in mobilizing communities of faith and spirituality to push for a healthy and equitable climate future, please join us. A team of volunteers and staff meets online one Monday a month from…

Event Series Policy Office Hours

Policy Office Hours


Sara Wolff, MNIPL's Strategic Policy Director, holds regular online office hours. This is an unstructured opportunity for anyone who wasn't able to join the policy team meeting, wants to catch-up, plug-in, or talk with Sara about all things policy and advocacy.

Update on Line 5


During MNIPL's policy team meeting, guests Scott Russell and Devon Cupery will give a presentation on the status of the Line 5 pipeline campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin. All are welcome to attend!

Policy Update Meeting


All are welcome to attend this Policy Update meeting!

MNCIFA Celebration!

The Coliseum Building 2708 E Lake St., Minneapolis, MN, United States

We've had a lot to celebrate this legislative session, and here’s another reason to keep dancing — the Minnesota Climate Innovation Finance Authority was created and fully funded with $45…

Event Series Summer Policy Series 2024

How is Climate Change Affecting Our Investments?


We know that climate disruption is having an effect on both our present and our future, but many of the places where we and our state are investing money aren’t taking those realities into account. In fact, 17 states across the county, influenced by fossil fuel interests, have passed laws barring their State Investment Boards…