In Remembrance of Mary Lou Grahek

Mary Lou was a dear friend to many of us for years and co-chair of Congregations Caring for Creation, MNIPL’s original name, since its beginning in 2015.

Three years ago, she readily joined in the two-month “Be the Spark” program that MNIPL offers to prepare folks for climate advocacy in their parishes. Mary Lou was already a scientist by training who understood the dangers that global warming presented. She became, at 80, an advocate of hope for future generations. She supported zero waste, no new single use plastic, clean water, air and healthy soil. She often asked “Can’t we get folks and churches to divest from fossil fuels?” She wanted to see solar panels on the school or, if not, a wind turbine. Mary Lou did all this and more with a twinkle in her eye. She was a grounded optimist. Faith, hope and love characterized her daily approach. At our last visit she promised that she would talk to God about our climate issues, but not before she greeted her family.

As we remember Mary Lou in our prayers let’s also pray that we can continue her vision.