Clean Cars for Minnesota: Submit your comment by December 6th

Minnesota’s largest source of carbon pollution isn’t power plants – it’s our transportation sector. Earlier this fall, Governor Walz announced a major initiative to address this problem, rolling out Clean Car Standards to reduce emissions, protect public health, and help Minnesotans save on energy costs.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is gathering public feedback on its proposal to institute Clean Car Standards, and it’s important they hear from Minnesotans about why this policy matters.

From now until December 6th, you can submit a comment in support of the Clean Car Standards. Submit your comment today to:

Here’s a sample comment you can use or adapt: “I applaud the Pollution Control Agency’s efforts to introduce clean car standards in Minnesota. As a person of faith, I believe it’s our moral responsibility to take ambitious action to combat climate change and reduce air pollution. I encourage the PCA to implement these standards in a timely manner and make them as strong as possible.”

These new standards would require manufacturers to offer more electric vehicles in the state and increase emission standards on all new vehicles. This action would also align Minnesota with standards that have already been adopted in other states including California and Colorado.

Submit your comment, today.

Many of our members had the opportunity to speak in support of these measures at recent hearings. Now it’s your turn to make your voice heard.


Sam Benson
Solar Outreach Coordinator
Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light