Pledge to Act for Collective Liberation

Across the country and around the world, we are witnessing a profound uprising for liberation and justice. The murder of George Floyd sent grief and anger through the hearts of our cities, and people are engaging in massive resistance. This movement is about justice for victims of racist police violence, and it’s bigger than that too. It’s about dismantling hundreds of years of white supremacy and oppression against Black, Brown, Indigenous, and people of color, and creating a new vision of shared freedom and resilience.

As part of an invitation to our network to act in solidarity with the movement for Black Lives, we invite you to sign the Pledge to Act for Collective Liberation. We encourage you to examine your own thinking and assumptions, and allow this moment to teach you new ways of understanding what is possible.

We are individuals and organizations who believe in a vibrant, equitable and peaceful world. We know that if we want to leave a healthy and life-giving planet for future generations, then we must dismantle white supremacy in the here and now.

We commit to disrupt and dissolve the systems, structures, and patterns of white supremacy and anti-blackness around us and within us. We commit to act in solidarity with movements for justice led by Black, Brown, POC, and Indigenous peoples. We commit to work inside and outside of our communities to create conditions in which shared liberation can flourish.

We commit to concrete action towards justice, even when that action requires us to go beyond what seems comfortable. We know that large-scale transformation requires large-scale disruption, and that we are being asked to divest from systems as they currently exist so that we can reach towards something new.

We do this knowing that we are interdependent beings, and that our greatest possibility lies in our connectedness to one another.

Sign the Pledge to Act for Collective Liberation