Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Minnesota has a strong and effective statewide electoral system with a long tradition of excellent voter turnout.

Because we need our care for the planet known at the polls, we want to be certain that every single climate justice vote is counted on Election Day.

If you already mailed in your ballot, track it at If it has been accepted, you’re all set! If not, go vote in person at an early voting site or on election day. Tell the poll worker what happened. They will cancel your unrecorded absentee ballot and have you recast your vote.

Is your absentee ballot still at home? Don’t mail it. Instead hand-deliver your ballot to your county election office by 3 pm on Tuesday. Absentee ballots cannot be delivered to your regular Election Day polling site.

Haven’t voted yet? Vote in person. Go to an early voting center by Monday or your neighborhood polling site on Election Day. Make sure you are in line by 8 pm on Tuesday. As long as you are in line by that time, you will be allowed to vote even if you cast your vote after 8 pm.

Get a ride to a polling site Monday or Tuesday to vote or drop off an absentee ballot. Covid protocols are in place to keep drivers and riders safe. We can’t guarantee ride availability for everyone, but we are doing our best to help as many people as possible cast their ballot!

We can also help you or people in your circles request an absentee ballot and deliver on your behalf. This is a great option for people who are ill, disabled, in nursing homes, or meet other criteria provided by the Minnesota Secretary of State. Because of the state’s deadlines for this service, contact us by Tuesday morning.

Get more details and make your request for either a ride or ballot delivery by clicking here. Or call/text 507-933-0584.

Post updated on 11/2/20 to reflect the most current voting information for Minnesota voters.