Driving Home a Message to Vote

This personal reflection is from Jayda Pounds, on staff with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light as the Office Manager & Energy Efficiency Coordinator.

“Vote, vote, vote!” has been the rallying cry for the past few months as people weigh the pros and cons of this election season. But in order to vote, people need to be informed about the election and make sure they are registered.

Inspired by the “Chalk the Vote” campaign led by MNIPL’s Get Out The Vote team, my car art hopes to invoke those same tactics. Initially, the idea of Chalk the Vote set out to engage volunteers and community members by having them go to heavy traffic locations or where the message could be the most received, and write encouraging content to passersby informing them about the upcoming election and to cast their ballots.

Drawing from this idea, car art came to mind since it is a mobile medium, and surrounding cars must read and engage with the message. I wanted to take this message to the streets because this election is one of great importance. The future of our planet hangs in the balance and by association, our futures are at stake as well.

I want what is best for my family, especially for my three year old sister, and I want her to be able to experience the seasons and different parts of the world, so I hope that my car can inspire people to go to the polls (literally) or mail- in and vote.

It has been a fun project and many people give an appreciative honk or thumbs up when they drive past! My overall hope is to make sure people know that their voice matters and to cast their vote as a small reflection of that.