News Flash! MNCIFA gets $20 million from Energy Committee

By Arianna Genis, Legislative Affairs Fellow

The Environment, Natural Resources, Climate and Energy Conference Committee just announced the allocation of $20 million to the MN Climate Innovation Finance Authority (MNCIFA). This is a major step toward realizing this important climate justice program and making Minnesota competitive for federal funds and for leading the nation in equitably funding our renewable energy transition.

We thank Representative Emma Greenman and Senator Tou Xiong, MNCIFA authors, for their leadership in making this happen. We also could not have gotten to this point without the numerous contributions of MNIPL partners throughout Minnesota. 

We are not done yet. The House and the Senate must vote on the Energy Omnibus bill. There is also a $25 million allocation to MNCIFA in the Jobs, Economic Development, Labor, and Industry Conference Committee and those negotiations are ongoing. Our initial MNCIFA request was $45 million and we’re still hopeful we can get to that number.

Please call Senator Bobby Joe Champion, chair of the Jobs Conference Committee, the Speaker, and/or the Governor and ask them to maximize climate action and help Minnesota by providing $25 million in funding for the MN Climate Innovation Finance Authority (the amount allocated in the House version of the Jobs bill) to get the total MNCIFA funding to $45 million (including the $20 million agreed upon in Energy Committee today).

Senator Bobby Joe Champion – 651-296-9246

Governor Tim Walz – 651-201-3400 

Minnesota Speaker of the MN House Melissa Hortman – 651-296-4280

Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic – 651 296-7809

Here is our action alert

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