Policy Update: Faith Communities for Clean Energy

On March 13th, more than 50 members of the MNIPL network spoke with legislators for Clean Energy and Climate Action Day at the Minnesota Capitol. In the afternoon, MNIPL led an ecumenical worship service that focused on how our faith calls us all to care for creation and address the climate crisis. The day concluded with a press conference and rally in the Capitol rotunda in support of clean energy legislation.

The day consisted of programming related to clean energy and climate change and constituents meeting with their legislators. The programming included speeches from experts on clean energy policy and presentations on how to be an effective advocate. A group of international students from the University of Minnesota presented on how their home countries are working to address climate change.

It was a day full of inspiring and impactful conversations, but don’t worry if you were not able to attend. There will be more opportunities to engage with your legislators such as the April 10th Clean Water Action Day at the Capitol or by setting up an in person meeting with your legislator. You can find out more about Clean Water Action Day here and can contact MNIPL’s Emily Minge at emilyminge@mnipl.org if you’re interested in setting up a meeting with your legislator.

This legislative session, MNIPL is partnering with other organizations to push Minnesota to pass laws that will move our state towards 100% clean energy. This legislation is currently under consideration in the Minnesota House and Senate. You can support this effort by calling your legislators to encourage them to back 100% clean energy legislation. Find your legislator’s contact information here. Also be sure to to call Governor Walz’s office at 800-657-3717 to thank him for supporting the transition to 100% clean energy.

Lastly, take a moment to sign MNIPL’s petition in support of the 100% Campaign and legislation that supports clean energy here. Or you can print out this version of the petition to share with the rest of your community. Just make sure to send completed petitions to emilyminge@mnipl.org.