Meet Jayda Pounds, guest instructor at Youth N’ Power camp

We’re thrilled to welcome Jayda Pounds as an instructor at Youth N’ Power camp for our “business projects” week, July 15-19. Jayda is a recent graduate from the University of St. Thomas where she received a degree in entrepreneurship and a minor in theology. She is also an advocate and activist participating in protests, rallies and fighting against police violence. For many, including her younger siblings, she is source of inspiration.

Jayda has traveled out of the country twice to visit the Motherland, first to Uganda, and most recently to Ghana. These traveling experiences have helped to give her a broader worldview, increase her love of her African heritage, and dream of greater possibilities.

She has also embarked on some small business ventures, selling handmade knit scarves, baked goods, and art which help to give back to the local community. She continues to seek out challenges and build relationships with many and continues to spread joy in the process. 

Jayda will be joining Youth N’ Power to coach young people in developing business plans for energy efficiency projects. To learn more about Youth N’ Power summer camp and to register, visit: