2020 Election Accomplishments

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light is incredibly proud of the shared effort we all took to mobilize climate voters across our state. Voter turnout in Minnesota came in at some of the highest levels in the country. The collective call we made for climate justice and environmental racial justice issues is propelling us forward into the challenges and joys of our work to come.

MNIPL had high expectations and goals for the 2020 elections. Let’s look back at just some of the ways we helped to get out the vote all across our state this year. We’re eager to know how you or your community engaged in voting efforts too! Please fill out this short survey so we can celebrate together and learn from each other.

Relational Organizing and Voter Outreach

We trained over 100 volunteers how to have meaningful conversations with people they know about why voting matters and to make a voting plan. With these new skills in relational organizing, each volunteer chose 5 to 30 (and more!) personal contacts to have real talk about what issues are important to them, how to vote safely, and what’s at stake in this election. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we finished our campaign with 3,181 conversations!

Volunteers also reached out to voters through phone and text banks organized by national Interfaith Power & Light partners as well as Minnesota Voice. We texted 36,388 infrequent voters in Minnesota and 8,511 voters in Arizona and North Carolina. In all, we encouraged countless thousands to make a voting plan and vote their values.

Chalk The Vote

MNIPL invited faith communities and individuals across the state to use their creativity to publicly amplify eye-catching messages about voting and democracy. These “Chalk the Vote” parties were a fun and interactive way to gather safely outside and use colorful words and drawings to make positive and encouraging statements.

Vote Your Values Conversations

Our Get Out the Vote campaign was more than just getting people to cast their ballot. We also wanted to inspire conversations and reflection on the values that guide our votes. This fall, more than 70 people participated in non-partisan conversations about how their shared faith, teachings, and values informed the way they vote. One conversation at Chatfield UMC was featured in their local news!

MNIPL also collaborated with several other thought-leaders to provide a reflection guide and virtual gathering connected to the first presidential debate in October. Panelists shared reflections on the ways our values shape how we experience politics. Space for small-group breakout sessions offered participants time to practice having values-based conversations about what matters most in our lives and communities.

Rides to the Polls

MNIPL organized dozens of volunteers to give free, COVID-19 safe rides to the polls before and on Election Day. Over 30 people were able to vote who otherwise wouldn’t have, including three first-time voters!

Organizing for the elections was supported by all MNIPL staff, but we want to give special thanks for the extraordinary efforts of Charissa Verdoorn, Outreach & Policy Manager, and Sam Benson, Policy Associate.