Antisemitism and White Nationalism Workshop

On February 18, 2021, Jewish Community Action offered a 90-minute workshop on antisemitism and white nationalism for MNIPL’s community of people involved in movements for climate justice. This event focused on the relationship between anti-Jewish oppression and the current attacks on our democracy, and the tools we need to build together to move towards a multiracial democracy.

Please view and share the recording and resources below!


Additional Resources:

Jews For Racial & Economic Justice PrimerThis is a great deeper intro-reading into many of the items in the presentation, especially how combating antisemitism is part of a shared struggle in the movement for Black lives. For those who enjoy going down wormholes, the articles and history papers it cites are worth the read! 

Resource for educators: The Western States Center has put together a toolkit for educators to confront white nationalism in the classroom.