Take action on Clean Cars MN proposed standards

In order to create a more just and sustainable future, we know we need to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels and move towards decarbonized options. MNIPL advocates for this future not only by opposing fossil fuel projects, such as the Line 3 oil pipeline, but also by supporting policies that help lower emissions and accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. 

One such policy that MNIPL and many of our members and partners are excited by is the recently released draft of Clean Cars MN. This new regulatory statute would increase the number of electric vehicles offered by auto dealers in our state while raising vehicle emissions standards for new passenger vehicles. It marks one step in the right direction towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution caused by the transportation sector.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) announced this Clean Cars MN draft policy rule on December 21, 2020. Although we were deeply troubled by and continue to vehemently oppose the MPCA’s approval of permits for the construction of Line 3, we are excited they are moving forward with Clean Cars MN. 

Through mid-March, the MPCA has opened a public comment period and will be holding a series of public hearings. During this time, MNIPL will be working with our community to collect comments from people of faith and spiritual practice in support of the Clean Cars regulations. We can show our state leaders and decision-makers that Minnesotans want to see action on reducing emissions, addressing the climate crisis, and creating a cleaner transportation future.

Informational Webinar & Petition

On Wed., February 3, at 7:00 pm, MNIPL will be hosting an informational webinar about Clean Cars MN. Join us to learn more about the standards, ask questions, and write your own comment about the policy. Click here to RSVP.

If you are not able to attend our webinar, you can sign our Clean Cars MN petition and indicate your support of the standards. If you are a faith leader, we encourage you to sign our separate faith leader letter. MNIPL will be submitting these both as part of our formal comment to the MPCA.

As Minnesota’s electricity sector continues to decarbonize, greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector have remained stubbornly high. That’s why it is important that we work to adopt policies that reduce pollution from vehicles in our state.

Clean Cars MN will expand consumer choice so that Minnesota car buyers have more options when looking to purchase eclectic or low emission vehicles. Many other states have already adopted similar regulations or are in the process of doing so. By becoming a clean cars state, Minnesota can be a leader in the Midwest for clean transportation. 

Joseph Ward and a group from St. Mark’s advocate for Clean Cars MN in 2019