A Post-Election Day Message from Liz Loeb, Associate Director

We are in a moment that asks us to practice love and to practice courage.

A record number of people participated in our democracy yesterday. People of different races, identities, experiences, religions, histories, and faiths came together in small towns, in farming communities, in big cities, in rural townships, and everywhere in between to shape the substance of our future together.

I hope that in witnessing the stories of people at the polls, in hearing about people dancing and bringing snacks and helping one another, in scrolling through the pictures of first time voters and grandparents and children and community members, that you had a moment to feel how amazing it is to be part of a movement that reaches towards big dreams and big possibilities.

We know it might take a few days to count all of the votes nationwide, and that we won’t have an official winner of the presidential election until the vote tally is complete. This is the way the process is supposed to work, and it’s the way that election results have worked in every past presidential election.

Our job is to be patient, to remain clear about our values, and to be steadfast in expecting that local officials nationwide count every vote.

No matter who wins the presidential election, we will continue to do what we have always done as a movement. We will organize our hope, our belief, our communities, and our collective power to advance a robust climate justice agenda rooted in our care for the earth and in our care for one another. We will work together and take action to stop destructive oil pipelines, to build a just and sustainable renewable economy that works for all of us, and to advance our shared ideals of a multiracial democracy.

If any of that sounds like something you want to make possible in the world, we hope that you will join the MNIPL community at two upcoming events:

1. Connection, Conscience, and Care: Continuing Together for Spiritual Support on Monday, 11/9, from 7:00–8:30 pm. Join MNIPL and our partners for an evening of spiritual grounding, connection, and support for the post-election moment.

2. Love & Courage: Moving Forward for Climate and Democracy on Tuesday, 11/17, from 6:30–8:00 pm. Gather with MNIPL to hear about the moment we’re in, connect with one another around how we can move a powerful agenda for climate and democracy, and commit to clear next steps towards action.

We are all making it through challenging and uncertain times as best we can, and none of us should have to do it alone. If you need to talk or are wondering where you can find support, please do not hesitate to reach out. Just contact me or any of the MNIPL staff, and we will be there for you.

In gratitude and in solidarity,

Liz Loeb

P.S. Over the past few days, MNIPL lead an incredible Ride to the Polls program that helped people from across the state access ballots and make it to the polls. Hundreds of people told us that they wouldn’t have been able to vote if we hadn’t been there. We were able to mobilize volunteers and fill a need because we are supported by donors like you who contribute the resources we need to act boldly in moments of large-scale possibility. Now, we need you so that MNIPL can continue making an impact in the days and weeks to come. Click here to make a one-time contribution or to become a sustaining donor with a monthly contribution of any amount today!