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Raise Your Voice to Stop Line 3 Pipeline

On Friday, November 13, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency permitted construction of the Line 3 pipeline to begin immediately. The Department of Commerce passed on their legal options without comment.

Starting December 1, thousands of health professionals, legislators, lawyers, and people of faith contacted Governor Tim Walz. They asked him to stay construction of the Enbridge Line 3 Oil Pipeline while multiple legal appeals are heard in the courts.

Rather than take action to protect Minnesota’s waterways, respect Native treaty rights, and keep wealth in communities and working class jobs, the Walz administration chose to stay silent.

We will not give up! We will continue to draw courageously from our multiple spiritual traditions to resist, renew, and build community as we create a world where everyone can thrive.

Please continue to take action with us, and stay tuned for details.


View highlights of #solsticewater offerings of prayer, reflection, and spiritual practice.

MNIPL Line 3 Videos

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Frontline Indigenous Groups

We know Water Protectors will be on the frontlines to defend the land, the climate, the water, and the wild rice. Follow our partners on social media for updates, and rush a donation to the frontlines or the court case as the fight continues!

What is Being Done to #StopLine3

The movement to Stop Line 3 is a living ecosystem of advocacy, direct action, and education. Think of it like a three-legged stool that involves systemic change, practical change, and spiritual/relational change. We need all three to stop this pipeline! Below is an ever-evolving toolkit of ways you can support the current moment!


Stay Against Construction

Watch the Line MN is a grassroots effort to monitor construction activities on the proposed route in order to provide court evidence of Enbridge’s activities. They’re looking for volunteers to help monitor the pipeline route and report on construction activities. This information could support legal appeals, regulatory complaints, or other ways of delaying or even stopping construction.

As a volunteer, you would adopt a section of the pipeline route to scout regularly, then submit reports and photos of that section. If you live near the route, this could be a great way for you to help the movement! You don’t have to be an expert, only a diligent notetaker. All Watch the Line MN activities will be within the law, and you will never be asked to go beyond public land.

Legal Appeals

On August 19, 2020, a number of opponents to the project filed legal appeals to stop the pipeline, including multiple Native Nations. These appeals could be a pathway to halting or delaying the project. These appeals will play out in Spring of 2021.

Direct Action

Host a Mindful Direct Action Training

MNIPL has developed a set of trainings in partnership with the Boundless Love Project for people in spiritual communities to learn about mindfulness and direct action grounded in their spiritual traditions. Contact [email protected] if you are interested.

Support/Follow Frontline Resistance Groups

Giniw Collective is a grassroots, frontline effort led by indigenous women to protect the sacred and empower the next generation of leadership with traditional values.

RISE (Resilient Indigenous Sisters Engaging with our Allies) stands in solidarity to protect the land, water, fire, and air for the next seven generations.

Honor the Earth is a Native-led organization led by Winona LaDuke, welcoming water protectors to the Northland and building a green economy while resisting destruction of Mother Earth.


Host a Film Showing

Host a watch party of Honor the Earth’s film, LN3: Seven Teachings of the Anishinaabe in Resistance. This 38-minute documentary is a great way to introduce your community to the pipeline. MNIPL will help equip you with tools to facilitate a dialogue that leads people to action.

Have MNIPL Talk to Your Community about Line 3

One of the most important ways we can work to stop Line 3 is by talking about it. We have practical tools you can use to educate your faith community about Line 3 and can help coach you to bring up this divisive topic in a way that leads to change and deeper relationships. Contact [email protected].

Join the Line 3 Interfaith Response Team

This MNIPL team meets weekly on Monday nights to strategize and build community around a spiritual and moral response to the Line 3 pipeline. We share from our particular traditions, educate across spiritual communities, plan direct actions, and build a love-filled movement for a world without extreme extraction and settler colonialism.

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