Jessica Intermill

Strategic Policy Consultant | she/her

As a Strategic Policy Consultant, Jessica leads MNIPL's work to engage congregations in the work of reparations and reparatory action, and to advocate for legislation advancing the Land Back and reparations movements.

Jessica is a systems builder with a policy heart. She brings 15 years of experience as a treaty-rights and tribal-law attorney to her work in building inclusive pathways that serve all our neighbors. In her efforts around legal structures and processes, she often asks "does it work?" "who does it work for?" and "how can we make it work better for everyone?"

After serving as pro bono council to Youth N’ Power in their courtroom work to block Line 3, Jessica worked with MNIPL to publish articles exploring the role of the public interest in the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission's decision-making process. Her writing also explained the racialized connections between past segregation and present-day climate impacts.

As a Strategic Policy Consultant at MNIPL, she now organizes faith and spiritual communities to advocate for people-centered policy at the intersection of racial, environmental, and climate justice.

Jessica grew up in Kansas and Nebraska, where she learned her core values of tikkun olam and tzedakah in communities that did little to welcome Jewish children. She has drawn on this foundation to build a land-history consulting firm, co-facilitate a four-month reparations curriculum for communities of faith with MARCH, create an Indian Law moot court at South High School, and serve on the Gateway to Legal Education Advisory Board at Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Minnesota’s Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board Decision Process Advisory Task Force.