Makayla Freeman

Youth Program and Outreach Assistant | she/her

As MNIPL’s youth program and outreach assistant, Makayla Freeman works directly with Analyah Schlaeger dos Santos to grow the Youth N’ Power base and operationalize the program. She is also in training to take a leadership role in MNIPL's youth programs. Her main task is to learn and grow personal and collective knowledge around environmental justice, community organizing, and communication.

Makayla has been a Youth N’ Power apprentice for the past four years, and it has been the most impactful educating framework in her life. She has learned the importance of relations, community, and environmental justice. Being a member of Youth N’ Power and learning how Analyah runs it while helping behind the scenes is very nourishing. She is excited to contribute to the future Youth N’ Power curriculum. “My goal is to move towards an executive position in Youth N' Power because I would like to see the next phase of our program move towards national and international communities."

Makayla is a student at Minneapolis Community & Technical College majoring in pre-social work. She lives in north Minneapolis and is passionate about planting trees in her community and excited to travel the world while teaching.