MN House Passes 100% Renewable Energy Legislation!

Last night in an historic vote, the Minnesota House passed the Jobs & Energy Omnibus, including language supporting 100% renewable electricity by 2050! This is a major step forward, directly connected to our movement’s organizing. Huge thanks to all who played a role in this exciting outcome. 

Here are two quick action steps you can take to build the momentum:

First, can you share this graphic announcing the news on Facebook and on Twitter

Second, can you tweet at your legislator and either thank them for voting in support of 100% or express your disappointment in voting against? If you have a Republican rep, they voted against the omnibus. If you have a Dem rep, they voted in support (with the one exception of Lislegard in 6B).

Now the bill moves to the Senate, where we expect a tough debate. But we will continue to boldly mobilize together. Our movement for 100% clean energy is about a just, livable future for all Minnesotans, regardless of political party. 

It’s important that our Minnesota Senators and Representatives continue to hear from us about 100% clean energy, so be sure to thank legislators who voted for the bill, and let’s start connecting with Senators.