Solidarity Fast to #StopLine3

UPDATE: Hundreds of people joined the Solidarity fast — from as far away as Australia! Check out the beautiful offerings shared on Facebook with #HungerStrikeToStopLine3 as well as Tania’s moving video of thanks.

Saturday will be Tania Aubid’s 35th day of a Hunger Strike to Stop Line 3. From wherever you are, join our interfaith community in a solidarity fast this Saturday, March 20, from sunrise to sunset. Take a picture, share a post with the hashtag #HungerStrikeToStopLine3 to let Tania, the MNIPL community, and the wider public know you participated. 

Tania grew up in the 1855 Treaty territory, and she says, “I’m here to stand in opposition to the tar sands. I’m up here [at the Water Protectors Welcome Center in Palisade] to protect the wild rice, the water and to be able to continue on practicing those rights, our inherent rights as defined in the treaties. I’m on a hunger strike for Mother Earth. In my mind, it was like, ‘What can I do to be able to bring awareness, to have more people change their mind or, you know, figure out some way to protect the waters?’ We can’t even go on our own treaty-protected land without getting stopped. My inherent rights are being stomped on.”

A hunger strike is intended as a non-violent direct action. It’s something that people do when they’ve exhausted other political options, yet still want to make a public stand for the things they believe in.

Participate in this action of solidarity from home. For example, you could refrain from eating solid food between sunrise and sunset. You are also encouraged to spend time near a body of water, reflecting on your relationship with it. Be sure and share your experience as well.

Example post: Today I am on a Hunger Strike to Stop Line 3, joining water protector Tania Aubid! Sending prayers for our water, air, land, and communities. Prayers of gratitude for the Indigenous women leading this movement. Now is the time to stand beside them. #HungerStrikeToStopLine3 #stopline3

People around the world are praying for the women who are sacrificing to stop Line 3 and joining their Hunger Strike for a day or more. Will you send them prayers, positive thoughts and let them know how you support them?

Videos of Tania’s Hunger Strike

Day 1 (Public Facebook post)

Day 20 (Public Facebook post)

Day 22 (Vimeo video)