Water Protectors arrested; MNIPL staff in group

This morning a group of water protectors were arrested, unexpectedly and without warning, as they entered the Wigwam on the banks of the Mississippi River to pray. The group included MNIPL’s executive director, Julia Nerbonne, and solar manager, Buff Grace. The whole group was cited, booked, and released on site.

The Wigwam lies on public land, but state permits have provisionally granted Enbridge access to build the Line 3 oil pipeline – despite the irreparable harm to Native spiritual and cultural sites.

While we expect a corporation like Enbridge to act with disregard for sacred places, we hope that we can count on our state government and on Governor Tim Walz to do better. That’s why we need you to join us in asking Governor Tim Walz to direct his administration to seek a stay of construction for Line 3 while pending legal appeals are heard in the courts.

In the meantime, please follow Indigenous-led groups such as RISE CoalitionGiniw Collective, and Honor the Earth.

Together, we can honor our water, respect Native sovereignty, and #StopLine3.