Line 3: It’s Not Over Yet

Dear Friends,

Earlier today, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission voted to grant a certificate of need for the Line 3 pipeline.

This is a devastating moment in our long journey to Stop Line 3. But I’m not giving up hope. We’ve built an incredible movement together, and we will never stop fighting for our future, our climate, our water, and indigenous treaty rights. This is not over.

So thank you, truly. Thank you for every signature, call, meeting, public hearing, march, and more. We’ve made a difference together, and built an impressive record that shows conclusively, Line 3 isn’t the right way forward for MN.

We’ll be in this fight until its won and we can’t do it without you.

Not only is this decision wrong – the state also acted prematurely in approving Line 3 permits before the completion of a full tribal cultural properties survey. The PUC commissioners are showing no regard for sovereign tribal nations.

We’re going to keep organizing in the days to come — we’re not giving up.There’s a long road ahead — appeals, resistance, and more permits that Line 3 has to get. Beyond that, we need decisive action to shut down and remove the old Line 3 pipeline, giving tribal nations and landowners discretion on how best to accomplish this task, so they are no longer in danger from this old and unsound pipeline.

We’ll walk that road together because that’s what the future and our values require of us. Together, we’ll pursue every avenue possible to stop this pipeline. Together, we’ll create the world we know is possible: and that’s a future free from tar sands.


Brent for the MNIPL Team